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Extreme Builds is a docu-series that follows nine families as they build their dream home. As the stress of the build creeps in, the homeowners much manage the strain on their relationship while they handle the trials and tribulations of building a home.

Episode 10 – Going it Alone

Alex and Joanie decide to act as their own contractor and at the beginning enjoy their new hands-on approach but quickly realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew.  As the build creeps up to the 2-year mark, Joanie gets antsy to move in before completion while Alex balances work and managing the build.  The surprise news of a second baby on the way, raises the stakes even further and getting into the house before Joanie gives birth is a must.

Episode 9 – Tree People

Alex and Joanie are first time homeowners who have out-grown their tiny rental and are building their dream home on a hillside property in Echo Park, California.  They consider themselves homesteaders and have planned for a house that disturbs the land as little as possible including building around a tree and putting it in their son’s bedroom.  They have an extremely tight budget of only $600,000 but their project is riddled with vandalism and theft, which leads to Joanie planning a stakeout to catch the perpetrators.  In addition to theft, they have a slow build and a list of change orders that is affecting their budget and consider firing their contractor and going it alone.

Episode 8 – Mansion Mountain

Mark and Cee are building a Tudor style mansion on Lake Arrowhead, California, two hours away from their current home.  Because of the distance, Cee must learn to trust her contractor Ron and has a hard time doing so. Mark must make some tough decisions when deciding what to cut out of the plans when cost becomes an issue. Moving into this house will be the first time Mark and Cee have ever lived together, which makes them consider whether or not they will ever get married.

Episode 7 – Building Mirage

Jeff and Alain hire their best friend/contractor, Scott to build their new Palm Springs, mid-century, modern house from the ground up.  This is Scott’s first time building a house from the ground up and he’s excited to impress his friends and take his business to the next level. Jeff wants the house to be a showpiece for entertaining in Palm Springs society, while Alain wants the creature comforts of a cozy, livable home. Navigating a build while dealing with a best friend who is also your contractor isn’t easy, but a health scare that sends Alain to the hospital brings the couple back down to earth and puts everything else into perspective.

Episode 6 – Two Close for Comfort

Justin and Christina Crocker and Adam and Brana Rope are best friends who bought 34 acres of land in Midlothian, Texas outside of Dallas.  The land includes a lake and they plan on building their homes side-by-side and raising their families together for the next 30 years.  Justin Crocker is the builder and is building his home along with building the Ropes’ home.  Justin must manage his build and the expectations of his wife and his best friends while keeping their friendship in tact throughout this build.

Episode 5 – New Home, New Wife

Russell and Meryl are engaged and are remodeling the Malibu, California home Russell previously shared with his ex-wife with the hopes of getting married in their new home upon its completion.  Quickly they realize that won’t be possible and move up the wedding date.  Once married, they struggle to keep the newlywed romance alive as they deal with the stresses of finishing their dream home.

Episode 4 – Engaged to the Build

Before Mike and Laura break ground on their new, energy efficient home, Mike decides it’s the right time to pop the question. After Laura says yes, the couple starts their build while simultaneously doing their best to merge their families. Their build is put in Jeopardy when Laura begins to butt heads with their foam wall contractor, Duane.

Episode 3 – Dollars Before Sense

Dan and Gina decide to build a classic mission-style house before they have enough money to finish the project. They begin their build one hundred and thirty thousand dollars short. Despite warnings from friends and family, Dan carries on with build scraping together money and relying on favors the entire way.

Episode 2 – Where’s the Wood?

Jim attempts to unite with Lissa to finish the project but Lissa’s constant changes and stalling with the project adds to their earlier delays. Jim begins to question why Lissa is stalling and tries to push the project forward in spite of her. The problems continue with their builders and Jim and Lissa consider finishing the home without them.

Episode 1 – Rapunzel’s Tower

Lissa is unhappy living in Sarasota, Florida and wants to move back to Santa Monica, California.  In an effort to keep Lissa in Florida and happy Jim is building her their dream home.  After months of delays, Lissa doubts the builders they have hired while Jim defends them. This leads Lissa and Jim to frequently fight and ultimately threatens their marriage.