By moving to France and renovating their chateau, Dick and Angel have opened up a fascinating aspect of France and the French. The French are simply not interested in their old castles. The floors are rotten, the walls are crumbling, they cost a fortune to maintain and they’re in the middle of nowhere. To the French these are big problems. To the Brits they are exciting new adventures, and the Brits are coming. With over 40,000 beautiful chateaus in France, most of which are abandoned, one by one, Brits are snapping them up as we seek an exciting new life in a country famed for its love of food and drink. And the prices are shockingly low! The second series of ‘Escape to the Chateau – DIY’ will follow a number of British families / couples who have made / are in the process of making the monumental decision to leave home to chase the French dream. Whether the chateaus are completely undeveloped, half developed, or almost finished they are all guaranteed to be utterly jaw-dropping.