Encaustic Floral Art

Encaustic Floral Art on Canvas: Red Poppies
By Erica Botha
Encaustic Art SA


  • Canvas
  • Wax used:
    • No. 1 Crimson,
    • No. 3 Orange
    • No. 5 Lemon Yellow
    • No. 4 Golden Yellow
    • No.16 White
    • No.23 Olive Green
  • Tools Used:
    • Encaustic Art Iron
    • Encaustic Art Low Heat Stylus
    • Heat Gun.


  • Step 1: Use a clean Canvas.
  • Step 2: Rub No. 5 Lemon Yellow over the entire canvas. Blow a little bit with the heat gun to warm up the canvas so you can easily add more wax.
  • Step 3: Take a clean high density sponge roller and blow on it with the heat gun while rolling it over the canvas until the whole canvas is evenly covered with a thin layer of wax.
  • Step 4: Use your Encaustic Iron and drip No. 1 Crimson, No. 3 Orange and No. 4 Golden Yellow onto the canvas to start your flowers.
  • Step 5: Start blowing your wax until you can see a flower. Know when to stop, otherwise your flowers will run and will be all over you canvas, or too big for your canvas.
  • Step 6: Drip a bit of No. 4 Golden Yellow and No. 16 White onto you flower about a third from the bottom
  • Step 7: Use the heat gun and blow the Golden Yellow and White and spread it onto your flower.
  • Step 8: Take your low heat Stylus to draw pistils and stamens onto your flower with Golden Yellow and White.
  • Step 9: Start drawing your stems and leaves onto the canvas with your Stylus and use No. 28 Olive Green.
  • Step 10: Again use your stylus to make little swirls in the Olive green and little buds with Crimson and Yellow.
  • Step 11: Polish your picture with a soft cloth, do NOT polish in circles but from the bottom to the top, or sideways.
  • Step 12: Make sure to sign your work of Art.
  • Step 13: Seal your canvas with Wax sealer.
  • Step 14: Enjoy!