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Who knew that a kid who started washing dishes at the age of 10 in a local Portuguese bakery would burst with a “BAM!” into the culinary scene…opening a series of successful restaurants, hosting popular TV shows and becoming one of the most recognizable chefs of all time!

This week: Episode 19 – Emeril’s Freestyle

Chef Emeril Lagasse is always thinking about new ingredients, produce, meats and foods and how he can put them together in new ways.  Watch as chef takes a cornucopia of fresh ingredients and makes dishes that will give you inspiration, guidance, technique and style to create plates of perfection for you and your family.  Ground chicken lettuce wraps with flavors of ginger and sriracha?  Yes!  Red wine marinated escargot with herb compound butter?  Believe it!  Seared mint lamb chops with a organic tomato Greek salad?  Uh huh! A Mediterranean salt crusted whole fish with orange zest and rosemary? Of course!  It’s Emeril Lagasse and it’s all Fresh Food Fast!

Episode 18 – Fresh Nola

New Orleans has always been a great food town, and nobody knows that better than Emeril Lagasse!  On this show Emeril takes us to some of his new favorite fresh New Orleans spots, Cochon Butcher and Crescent City Farmers Market, for some traditional and new ingredients.   Back in his kitchen, he use these ingredients to make dueling shrimp – a seared salad style and the new NOLA barbecue style, beer poached boudin with grain mustard, a dynamite charcuterie sandwich using housemade duck pastrami and andouille crusted black drum fish with pecan butter sauce served over quick sauteed spicy kale.  Ooo-wee, you will feel like you are in the French Quarter!

Episode 17 – The Spice is right

Come on down!  You are the next viewer to watch…The Spice is Right.  Host, chef Emeril Lagasse shows you how he uses his favorite spices to make some great flavorful Indian dishes.  You will tag along as he shops at his favorite spice shop, Kalustyans, for ingredients to make flavor-bursting curry-scented cauliflower, sweet shrimp with coconut milk, chilies and tomatoes and delicate tandoori style chicken drumsticks with a refreshing yogurt dipping sauce.  Chef Emeril also gives us a lesson on spices – garam masala, curry, tandoori.  This is the show that will pique your taste buds and tame the spice beast in you!

Episode 16 – Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year, and we are always looking for some new recipes to add to our Thanksgiving feast.  This year chef Emeril is teaching us new techniques for getting the meal on the table Fresh-Food-Fast-style.  This menu features spatchcocked crispy honey-lemon-thyme roasted cornish game hens and pan roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta.  And does the word “spoonbread” make your taste buds want to do a jig?  Well, get their dancing shoes on because Emeril is making a fluffy cheddar and green onion spoonbread that is quick and easy.  For the finale, a butternut squash cobbler a la mode made with the spices of the season!   You are sure to be very thankful!

Episode 15 – Holiday Brunch

No matter the holiday, there’s no better way to get the day started than with a great brunch. Join chef  Emeril  this holiday as he prepares a brunch that is quick and delicious.  He starts out with pan roasted asparagus with shiitake mushrooms.. Then it’s easy eggs florentine, complete with a lesson on how to poach eggs just right. And for dessert…bananas foster, sweet hot and delicious served with creamy vanilla ice cream!  It will be a brunch sure to leave everybody wanting a holiday everyday!

Episode 14 – Knock out meal

When former professional boxer Laila Ali is invited to Emeril’s kitchen, he takes off the gloves and knocks her out with a meal worthy of any “celebrity” in your home.  First round: a left hook of a refreshing iceberg wedge salad with cherry tomato vinaigrette and a jab of a quick melon cooler.  Second round: a combination-punch of pan seared steaks with herbed butter and oven roasted root vegetables like you have never seen before.  It is another knockout meal under chef Emeril’s belt.  Ding, ding!

Episode 13 – Mystery vegetable revealed

What’s that?!  That’s edible?  How many times have you been in the produce aisle and either said this to yourself or heard it from your children?  In this episode of Fresh Food Fast Chef Emeril Lagasse introduces viewers to some unusual but delicious produce.  Step into this kitchen as he stuffs squash blossoms with mushrooms and goat cheese, adds escarole to sweet sausage and pasta and turns eggplant into an Asian delicacy with tofu!  These dishes will soon become a staple on your dining table.

Episode 12 – Pan- Latin Flavours

Emeril takes us on a journey of pan-Latin flavours. In this show Emeril prepares flank steak with chimichurri sauce from Argentina, a taste of Cuba with pork picadillo and tostones and a signature cocktail from Brazil, the caipirinha.  Also Emeril heads to the one place where all of these pan-Latin flavors converge, Miami, to visit with his good friend, chef Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s, to make a traditional sofrito and sarsuela (fish stew).   It’s sure to be caliente!

Episode 11 – Seafood delight

Seafood lovers this is your show!  Emeril Lagasse welcomes guest Bethenny Frankel into his kitchen as he prepares some great recipes using the freshest seafood he can find.   He turns up the heat with spicy shrimp fra diavolo with angelhair pasta.  This dish prepares the palette for his virtually bread-free large sweet lump crab cakes with remoulade sauce.  Finally, it is a full-flavor fish stew from Brazil called moqueca – onions, chilies, cilantro, coconut milk and a quick shrimp stock Emeril makes during the show.  Sounds complicated, but it isn’t. It’s Fresh Food Fast Emeril style.

Episode 10 – farm to table

When it comes to putting a menu together with the freshest ingredients you can find, it does not get any better than this.  On this Episode Emeril hooks up with his Friend Chef Michal Schwartz, who is the Executive Chef of Genuine Food and Drink in Miami.  Chef Michael takes Emeril to one of Miami’s best kept culinary secrets, Casablanca’s fish market.  Chef Michael also stops by one of his favorite organic farms for some fresh hand picked vegetables!   Emeril invites Chef Michael to join him in the kitchen to show viewers how to prepare great tasting meals that take you from the farm to the table in minutes!

Episode 9 – Tapas and wine

Emeril is having a party inspired by the tastes and smells of Spain.  His philosophy is small bites can go a long way when you are entertaining a large crowd.  So sit back and relax as Emeril shows us how to get the festivities started with these delicious tapas and wines that will get you out of the kitchen and into the party!

Episode 8 – Simple sandwiches

Emeril loves a great sandwich!  He is going to show us how to make some simple sandwiches that can be served for lunch or dinner.  Chef will show us everything from choosing the right bread to making the best spread.  Also from New Orleans, chef/owner Nathaniel Zimet, of Que Crawl and Boucherie, makes his simple sandwich: an award-winning version of a BBQ shrimp po’ boy.  Its sandwiches like you have never seen them before, and they are packed with the freshest ingredients.

Episode 7 – Light quick and easy

Busy people of the world come in, put down your house keys, unburden yourself of your bags, kick off your shoes, grab a glass of wine and watch as chef Emeril Lagasse shows you how to cook some light, quick and easy meals for late night dining.

Episode 6 – Backyard BBQ

Emeril Lagasse is firing up the grill!  He will show you how he relaxes in the kitchen, while making a quick barbecue sauce, and in front of the grill as he makes steak, chicken, and lamb plus some awesome sides that will make your festivities hot.

Episode 5 – Dinner Al fresco

Summertime is in the air and there is nothing like putting together a meal outdoors.  On this episode Emeril Lagasse invites you to his rooftop to show you how to prepare and cook, grill and dine al fresco.  It’s fresh food fast in the fresh air.

Episode 4 – About the chicken

It’s one of the most readily available foods in the supermarket with endless possibilities for a meal. We’re talking about chicken!  So who better to show us how to bake it, grill it or throw it in salad than chef Emeril. In this episode Emeril shows you how to make three different recipes where the chicken is the star of the show, which will make you the star of your household.

Episode 3 – Vegetarian delights

It’s a Veggie Delight, and you don’t have to be a vegetarian to love these recipes. Emeril is going to make some great meals using fresh vegetables, tasty grains, and pasta. The recipes are healthy and light, and sure to become family favourites.

Episode 2 – Dinner for two

Emeril shows us how to whip up a quick meal for two that will have that special someone in your life begging for more.  It’s a three-course meal using the freshest ingredients he can find.  To top it off he is serving up each course with a special wine.   It’s all in the name of love, and the menu will knock your loved one off of their feet!

Episode 1 – Salad & Dressing

There is nothing like being able to make your own restaurant quality salads and dressings at home.  In this episode Chef Emeril shows us to make some hearty salads and dressings that are both fresh and fast.

Still to come

Episode 20 – Fresh and Simple dinner party

Emeril invites friend, and “Housewives of New York” star, Jill Zarin over for a simple dinner party!  After shopping at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange Emeril prepares a festive meal starting with a seasonal chopped salad with courgettes, baby corn and sliced beets with a decadent herb-walnut oil vinaigrette.  Then warm lobster with fava beans, snap peas and tarragon butter sauce.  And for dessert Emeril teaches Jill a dish she has always wanted to learn to make – chocolate souffle perfumed with Grand Marnier!  So grab a glass of champagne and join the festivities!