Easel Card Making

Materials you will need:

(All numbers refer to Copics products)

  • Copics colours and picture of your choice
  • Cardstock 30cm X 15cm (Colour of your choice)
  • Embellishments of your choice (Flowers, rhinestones, butterflies, ribbons & paper)

Please keep in mind when deciding to use copics for colouring your images you will need a gradient of colours. i.e: E37, E35, E33. Because those numbers are all E’s and jump a couple of numbers on the numerical scale i know that will give me a gradient.

When colouring i like to start with my darkest shade first, I then think about the areas on my image that i would expect there to be shadows and that’s where i lay down my darkest shades.

I then go over that with my mid tone dragging the colour out slightly to the centre of my image/ colouring area and lastly my lightest gradient will then be laid down over the mid-tone dragging the colour into the whitest part of my image.

However please keep in mind that white areas will give you image highlights and leave a visual effect of direct light hitting the image, giving a more natural 3

dimensional look to your work. Please also remember that when and if you decide to add a white gel pen highlight, it is only plastic that shines that white!

Directions for an easel card:

  1. Cut an piece of cardstock 30cm X 15cm.
  2. Score your cardstock along the length at 15cm and then again at 7,5cm.
  3. Fold along those score lines.
  4. Create your card front and adhere it to only the 7cm fold this will create the part of the card that stands as an easel.
  5. Cut a patterned piece of paper, mat this and adhere this to the 15cm x 15cm flat part of the card, this will be the area that will be used for adding a sentiment or wish for the receiver of your card.
  6. Emellish your card as desired using flowers, rhinestones, butterflies, ribbons, whatever suits your fancy.
  7. The most important part of the creative process is to enjoy what you do, art is a personal interpretation, so use it to reflect a piece of you.
Download PDF Instructions