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Are you looking for an answer to your medical condition? Are you ready to be a witness of medical miracles? Look no further… Just Ask Dr. Nandi! Learn the secret of good health from those who’ve had the worst, in this informational, heart-felt and often humorous medical lifestyle show.

Episode 1 – Care for the Elderly

How do we care for our elderly and how do we cope with the circumstances surrounding their care? Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, and cancer are just a few of the ordeals the elderly have to face. On today’s episode, Dr. Nandi discusses Care for the Elderly and how the emotional, physical, and financial impact of getting older can be devastating on the individuals and their families. Dr. Alan Dengiz who has spent 30 years in geriatric medicine joins the discussion and covers options for those who want care outside the home and challenges caregivers face.

Episode 2 – Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas is a vital organ in our body. On this episode, Dr. Nandi educates us on one of the deadliest cancers, pancreatic cancer. Dr. Nandi talks with Dr. Elaine Grohman, energy healer, about using energy healing during recovery. Pancreatic surgeon, Dr. David Kwon and Dr. Sheba Roy talk about the treatments for those suffering with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Nandi discusses the symptoms and importance of this hard to detect cancer. It is an episode filled with information many people are not aware of!

Episode 3 – Gout

On this episode, Dr. Nandi dives into a common condition affecting over 8 million Americans, gout. Gout is an inflammatory arthritis caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. Gout patient, Haitham Fakhouri, shares his personal experience and struggles with gout. This disease can be very painful and affect everyday life activities. Dr. Nandi and rheumatologist, Dr. Andrew Sulich, assess the symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of gout. Very enlightening episode!

Episode 4 – Food as Medicine

Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity is present throughout America. On this episode of the Ask Dr. Nandi Show, we discuss the importance of nutrition and food as medicine. Dr. Nandi has brought on some incredible well-known guests in the nutrition field. Pete Thomas, winner of the show Biggest Loser, and Christie Moore and Kelly Rysso from Shakeology show us how to achieve better health with fun and helpful nutrition tips. Dr. Nandi talks with cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn, about the American diet and balancing the pleasure of eating with the importance of nutrition. A beneficial episode to see!

Episode 5 – Girls Self Esteem

The media’s portrayal of women often alters young girl’s self-perceptions. On this episode, we confront the problem of girl’s self esteem. Dr. Karen Palka, founder of the non-profit organization A Beautiful Me, discusses her success and challenges encouraging positive self esteem in young girls. Dr. Nandi and clinical psychologist, Michelle Golland, explain how to help with this issue, why this happens, and what we can do as a society. A remarkable break down of a very important topic.

Episode 6 – Abusive Relationships

People who have never been abused often wonder why a person wouldn’t just leave. They don’t understand that breaking up can be more complicated than it seems. There are many reasons why both men and women stay in abusive relationships. If you have a friend in an unhealthy relationship, support them by understanding why they may choose to not leave immediately. Today at 1pm, the Ask Dr. Nandi Show is exploring abusive relationships. It is an extremely powerful show.

Episode 7 – Post Traumatic Stress

On this episode, we are talking about post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is defined as an anxiety disorder that some people have after undergoing a traumatic life event. Many of us have heard of PTSD, but do we actually understand what it’s like to live with? Dr. Nandi and psychologist, Dr. Michelle Golland address the symptoms, warning signs and treatment for this disorder.

Episode 8 – Distracted Driving

We’ve all done it – sent a text, made a phone call or spent a few seconds worrying about the radio while driving. What is it called? Distracted Driving! On today’s episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, Dr. Nandi tackles the topic and the dangers created by the problems of distracted driving. This episode will truly open your eyes to the dangers of distracted driving! Meet guest Brandon La Forest who has created a wonderful website that is helping so many people!

Episode 9 – The Science of Dating

All of us who have dated and looked for that special partner have often wondered what were the best ways of dating. On this episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, we are talking about the science of dating! This episode is filled with several dating experts who give insight on the rules of dating, technique, and what it takes to find the one! Dr. Nandi is also joined by Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld, the authors of Smitten, who teach us about the brilliant ways to flirt. Fun episode!

Episode 10 – Suicide

On this episode, we are talking about the difficult topic of suicide. Many of us have had our lives devastated by suicide in some type of way. Dr. Nandi has brought on remarkable guests to raise awareness of this deadly epidemic. Two women share their tragic experiences and how suicide has affected them personally. Dr. Polly Gipson and Dr. Julie Kaplow, clinical psychologists, inform everyone on the causes and warning signs and things we can do to help someone experiencing this disease as well how to deal with losing a loved one. An exceptionally captivating episode.

Episode 11 – Decreased Sex Drive

Decreased Sex Drive is a very common subject being discussed by individuals and throughout relationships. This is a topic that is stressing thousands around the world. Make sure to tune in to today’s episode at 1 pm to hear Dr. Nandi discuss with experts & guests

Episode 12 – Meditation

In today’s busy world, we often forget to take a moment alone to clear our minds and relax. On this episode, Dr. Nandi discusses meditation and how to incorporate it into your life. Brian Granader, meditation instructor, shares his unique story and does a meditation demonstration for everyone to follow along. Dr. Nandi sits down with Cassie Sobelton, CEO of SynBella, a corporate wellness company, to talk more about finding the right technique for you as well as physical and mental benefits. A very motivating episode!

Episode 13 – Obama Care- Affordable Care Act

On today’s episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, we dive into the controversial topic of Obamacare. Some love it! Some hate it! But everyone has an opinion. You’ve heard politicians and economists speak about the topic of healthcare but when have you heard a doctor who lives the process daily speak about this incredibly charged issue? Join Dr. Nandi as he discusses his strong views and insightful perspectives on this topic. This is a must see episode!

Episode 14 – Working Moms & Stay at Home Moms

This episode of the Ask Dr. Nandi is filled with laughter and great discussion as Dr. Nandi and his guests explore the “age-old” battle of stay at home moms vs working moms. If you are a mother, this show is right up your alley! Dr. Nandi and his guests will entertain you and more importantly inform you with their lively discussion!

Episode 15 – Breast Cancer- (Angelina Jolie -Decision)

On this episode, Dr. Nandi explores breast cancer and the choices women have with treatment of this potentially deadly disease. Dr. Nandi and his profound guests examine the importance of self-examination, treatments and prevention of this condition. Dr. George Howard breaks down breast cancer and BRCA gene testing. Molly McDonald, founder of The Pink Fund, enlightens us on how someone battling breast cancer can receive financial assistance. Jackie MacDougall sits down with Dr. Nandi and shares her inspirational story of her difficult preventative decision. A life saving episode.

Episode 16 – Transgender

On this episode of the Ask Dr. Nandi show, we discuss the important topic of transgender. Dr. Nandi sits down with a woman and her family to talk about her struggles and triumphs as a transgender with the transition from male to female. Dr. Antonia Caretto, a clinical psychologist, stresses the importance of support and how to deal with transgender. Being transgender is still widely misunderstood in our society, which often leads to discrimination and prejudice of people who express themselves in this way. An extremely notable episode.

Episode 17 – Tapping – Emotional Freedom Therapy- Meditation

Finding ways to increase positive emotional health is critical to overall well-being. On this episode, Dr. Nandi dives into the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “Tapping”. Dr. Nandi and his guests describe how to replace negative emotions through this technique and its benefits. Nick Ortner, New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO of The Tapping Solution shares his personal experiences with tapping and advice. Julie Booksh, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, presents a tapping demo that everyone is capable of following. A must-see episode!

Episode 18 – Testicular Cancer

Some cancers go unnoticed due to the simple fact that nobody wants to talk about them. On this episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, we review a common cancer in men, testicular cancer. Dr. Nandi has brought on top experts to discuss the facts, risk factors, symptoms and treatments along with a personal story of a man who found a tumor at the young age of 15 Jonny Imerman, founder of Imerman Angels, teaches gentlemen at home, how to self-check for testicular cancer. Testicular cancer goes unnoticed in many cases so it is important we raise awareness. You can’t afford to miss this episode!

Episode 19 – Energy Medicine

Most people have heard the term “aura” and some have heard about the healing powers of energy. On today’s episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, learn how and why the human body can be influenced by these energies. Dr. Nandi brings amazing guests who are well known in the field of energy medicine to discuss and enlighten the viewers on this alternative form of medicine. Guest, Robert Piepenburg opens up about his experience with the power of energy medicine. Dr. Elaine Grohman and Adam McLeod are two leading experts in the field of energy medicine. They both sit down with Dr. Nandi to chat about their experiences and knowledge about this topic. A must see episode

Episode 20 – Poverty

Many people survive with bare minimum everyday; on this episode of the Ask Dr. Nandi Show, we examine living in poverty. Dr. Nandi has brought on some incredible Detroit area guests from Habitat for Humanity, Covenant House, and Matrix Human Services to discuss their work and efforts regarding this issue. Dr. Nandi and his guests really dig into the reality of poverty, programs available, and how you can help. An inspirational episode!

Episode 21 – Munchausen by Proxy

On today’s episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, learn more about a little known disease called Munchausen by Proxy. Dr. Nandi talks with Julie Gregory, a woman who wrote a book about her experience with a mother who suffered from Munchausen by Proxy. For us, it is hard to believe that a mother would try to make their child sick, but it is a reality. Dr. Nandi discusses the symptoms, and treatment options for those who are suffering from Munchausen by Proxy. It is an incredibly compelling show.

Episode 22 – Music Therapy

Music plays an important role in our lives. Not only is it entertaining, but it can also be used to change or elevate your mood. On this episode, Dr. Nandi explores music therapy. Mixed with traditional medicine, music has been known to have its benefits. Carol Damoth and Christopher Davis, owners of Sacred Wave Gong Therapy, explain gong therapy and its benefits. Blythe Phillip shares her expertise and responsibilities as a music therapist. Dr. Nandi along with his diverse group of guests reveal that all ages can benefit from this form of therapy. Very interesting episode!

Episode 23 – Sports Injuries

Athletic related injuries are far more common and can be vastly more dangerous that people realize. These do not just occur to professionals either; everyone who is involved in a sport can be at risk for potentially debilitating injuries. On this eye-opening episode, Dr. Nandi speaks with former Tight End for the Detroit Lions and NFL Hall of Fame member Charlie Sanders about his surprising injury, and addresses his physician Dr. Sol Cogan, CEO of Healthquest & Chiropractor of the Detroit Lions, about the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

Episode 24 – Infertility

Some men and women spend there whole lives dreaming about their perfect family; but for some, this ideal is much more challenging to achieve. If couples are unable to have a child, they often feel lost and confused, and are left wondering if it is their fault. On this touching episode, Dr. Nandi sits dives into the medical causes of infertility, speaks to a family who experienced this struggle, and addresses alternative options for families. Jill Blakeway, author of Making Babies, explains the different holistic methods of infertility treatment, as well as the various global opinions on why this occurs. A must see show for not only potential parents, but those interested in alternative medicine as well!

Episode 25 – Obama Care

We’ve heard time and time again that the Affordable Care Act will help reduce health insurance costs for the average, working class American, giving everyone in the U.S. access to quality care regardless of their budget or health concerns. Many conservatives have dubbed the bill the “Unaffordable Care Act” due to a tax increase for high-income earners, higher premiums and an increased burden on small business owners and Corporate America. On today’s episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, we’re talking about ObamaCare and the cost of healthcare in America. Meet Kristi Gnyp, born in the U.S. and now living in Canada, Kristi shares her experience with healthcare.

Episode 26 – Good Germs Good Germs

The word “germs” seems to automatically make peoples’ skin crawl. They make us sick and must be cleaned and wiped away! But what if germs could help cure medical ailments? On this fascinating episode, Dr. Nandi addresses the benefits of germs, and how some are being used as treatments for other problems. He speaks with various guests who have benefited from good germs, and Dr. Naresh Gunaratnam, a gastroenterologist, about the potential of this microscopic medicine. This show will change your perspective on what germs really are!

Episode 27 – Success- And what it takes to become it

The word “success” has different meaning for everyone. People all seek a path in life that will lead them to some sort of personal good fortune. Many children are taught in school that obtaining a college degree is the ultimate way to achieve, but what if that isn’t always the case? Dr. Nandi explores the alternative routes people have taken to obtain success and their stories. He also invites others to share their ways in which to become a better leader in any field. A great episode for every member of the family!

Episode 28 – Mindfulness

On this episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, learn about Mindfulness Meditation, a growing practice throughout the world. Being mindful is easier said then done. Join Dr. Nandi as he talks with Veteran TV producer, Mark Koberg. Mark shares his story how Mindful Meditation has changed his life. Also meet Donna Rockwell, PsyD, a Mindful expert who shares fantastic tips for a beginners practice to being mindful.

Episode 29 – Organ Donation

Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue of an organ of the human body, from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of a transplantation. On this episode of Ask Dr. Nandi, Dr. Nandi and his guests will keep you glued to the TV with a great discussion full of passion, information and inspiration. The conversation will make you think and will inform you with all aspects of organ donation.

Episode 30 – Teen Depression

The idea of being a teenager is often something that brings forth fond memories of friends, high school, sports, dances, and first loves. However, the startling fact is that twenty percent of American teens suffer from depression. How does such a happy time of growth and learning turn into something so dark? While there are the classic issues of peer pressure, academic stress, and body changes, growing social media and the internet have added a new dimension to this problem. On this episode, Dr. Nandi speaks with two teen girls for whom the struggle with depression, enhanced by social media, is all too real. How to treat and help prevent the development of teen depression is also covered. A great episode for parents and teenagers alike!

Episode 31 – Violence as a disease: how does it affect our children?

The threat of violence against the younger members of our society is not only a concern, but an epidemic. Homicide is the second leading cause of death for youth in the United States. On this startling episode, Dr. Nandi addresses violence in our society and why this is such a rapidly growing issue. He sits down with a victim of teen violence who experienced traumatic injury after a gun was brought to party, and discusses where this growth in violence stems from with Dr. Vasilis Pozios, a specialist in Forensic Psychiatry. A must see episode!

Episode 32 – Raising Happy & Healthy Children

We all want our kids to be happy and have the best life possible. But how can parents make sure that they are doing the right things for their children? On this episode, aspects that can affect the happiness and health of children and parents alike are discussed. Christine Carter, PhD Sociologist & Happiness Expert, and Zoy Patautas, a Pediatrician, join Dr. Nandi in addressing the concerns and issued that are faced by many different parents from all walks of life.

Episode 33 – The Truth in Medical Care

In the past ten years, there have been big changes in how patients are cared for. But where do you begin? Are you really protected and well taken care of? On this episode, Dr. Nandi breaks down what really goes on in medical care, and meets with several people who are unsure or unhappy with their treatment. Dylan Roby, PhD Director for UCLA Center for Health Policy Research joins in to address the change to medical care policy and how to get best treatment possible. This show will teach you how to advocate for yourself, and what it means to be your own health hero!

Episode 34 – Dyslexia

While dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities, it is also one of the least understood by parents and educators. How does a child’s brain with dyslexia function? How can you look for the signs in your child? Dr. Nandi invites various teachers and mothers to talk about their experience with dyslexic children in the education system, as well as a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of it. In this inspiring episode, you learn all about the benefits and success of dyslexic people as well!

Episode 35 – Oppression in Society Discrimination

Discrimination is an action or a decision that treats a person or a group negatively for reasons such as their race, age or disability. Today’s episode of Ask Dr. Nandi dives deep into the controversial topic of discrimination with a powerful group of guests. We are joined on set by Dr. Christine Carter, a sociologist and author of Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. Joining the panel as well is Mike Ellison, an incredibly talented Ethiopian born Detroiter. Mike performs his powerful and passionate poem, “Mezeker Means to Remember”. The poen brought tears to the eyes of our audience and it will move you as well. Our last guest is Dr. Gail Parker. Dr. Parker is the founder and director of the Center for Conscious Living in Bingham Farms, Michigan, where she practices as a psychologist.

Episode 36 – Veteran Health Care

Countless people are injured while serving in the military, but do they get the get the care they need when they return home? Supposedly, anyone who served and was hurt is supposed to be taken care of, but with the lack of organization and ability to treat so many people, veterans often do not receive the medical care that they need. On this eye-opening episode, Dr. Nandi addresses the serious issue of Veteran health care, with testimonials from veterans and advocates who are trying to charge the system.

Episode 37 – Medical Marijuana

With so much controversy surrounding it, the use of medical marijuana is a heated topic for many. Are there benefits? Should it be legalized? How is it actually used? In this exciting episode, a panel of experts who defend their stance on the issue joins Dr. Nandi. We also hear the stories of a woman who uses medical marijuana for her rare condition, as well as from the parents of a boy who is taking cannabis oil for health reasons. This dynamic episode is a must see!

Episode 38 – Adoption

There are many reason couples choose to adopt. No matter why, the process can be daunting, unfamiliar, and sometimes scary. With various forms of legal adoption, and then the added option of international adoption, it’s hard to know exactly where to start. In this touching episode, Dr. Nandi dissects the process of adoption with experts in the field, and addresses the emotional issues adoptive parents, birth parents, and children all go through.

Episode 39 – Teen Drug Abuse

Studies show that drugs can have lifelong traumatic effects on the brain, especially in children and teens that are still developing. With some places in the United States legalizing marijuana, parents fear for the potential backlash and medical effects it could have on their teens. In this emotional episode, Dr. Nandi meets with a mother and her daughter, who has struggled with an addiction. Also, Sam Jawhari, who started the foundation Chasing The Dragon, shares his story about his heart wrenching story about his daughter who was addicted to heroin. A must see episode for all parents and teens!

Episode 40 – Current State of HIV

Getting an HIV diagnosis used to be a death sentence, but now with new medications and research, it is entirely possible to live a long and healthy life with HIV. On this episode Dr. Nandi is joined by Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, a CDC trained Infectious Disease Physician, to address the rapidly developing treatments for HIV. Even though medicine has advanced, there is still a serious stigma that comes along with having HIV. Several guests discuss their experience being outcast because of their diagnosis, and how it is being combated.

Episode 41 – Climate Change

Our climate has been changing rapidly, and there is much research and talk about how it’s effecting our environment. But we too are a part of the ecology of earth, and how does global warming affect our health? Are we at risk? On this episode, Dr. Nandi is joined by Dr. Jennifer Vanos from Texas Tech University, as well as other experts, to talk about the dangerous factors of global warming that could effect your health!

Episode 42 – SuperBugs

When we are sick, we usually just go to the doctor, get a prescription, and are fine in a few days. But what happens when you get infected with something too powerful and new to be treated, and you are a hazard to everyone around you? On this shocking episode, Dr. Nandi Is joined by Dr. Luciica Ditiu from the world health organization to talk about SuperBugs, and they are being investigated and treated. We also hear from several people who have survived these terrible diseases. A riveting episode that is a must see!

Episode 43 – Lung Cancer

More people die from lung cancer than from any other type of cancer with active smoking responsible for nearly 90% of all cases. Join Dr. Nandi as he discusses this deadly disease and the new techniques and tools out there with Pulmonologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine Dr. Steve Galens. Learn how a Cat Scan works as Dr. Nandi goes on location with Radiologist Dr. Munaco. And meet Teresa Sullivan, a smoker who undergoes the Cat Scan test to find out if she has cancer present. Tune in today to hear her results!

Episode 44 – Dr. Nandi’s Nutrition 2.0

Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. It is also the branch of science that deals with nutrients and nutrition, particularly in humans. Today at 1pm, the Ask Dr. Nandi Show covers all aspects of nutrition. Tune in and find out more!

Episode 45 – Organic Living: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

We have all heard the word “organic” loosely thrown around about all sorts of things, but is it really worth learning about and abiding by? What makes organic food healthier? On this episode, celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Sass and author, family physician, and CEO of Wellspring Human Energetics Dr. Jason Littleton join Dr. Nandi in uncovering what organic really means, and how it can help you be healthier.

Episode 46 – Kids Fitness

Childhood obesity is a staggering issue globally. But getting kids active and kicking junk food can be a huge challenge. How can you make fitness fun for the whole family? Find out as Dr. Nandi is joined by The Biggest Loser celebrities, personal training expert Brett Hoebel, and his counterpart and chef Devin Alexander. This episode makes working out a party, and healthy eating a tasty and exciting endeavour!

Episode 47 – Holiday Spectacular

The holidays are a time of community, love, and spending time with those who are important to you. But not everyone has such a magical holiday experience! Familial conflict, financial pressure, problems with faith, and over scheduling can make people so stressed they become physically ill! On this festive episode, Dr. Nandi breaks down each stressor of the holiday season and teaches you how to have a more magical time. Rev. Dr. Carl Gregg and his wife Magin LaSov Gregg, author, discuss the challenges they face at this time of year in their interfaith marriage. Dr. Nandi also speaks with Laura Zdravkovski, psychotherapist, about what people can do to prevent unwanted holiday stress.

Episode 48 – Fitness

It seems like every day there is a new fitness trend that will whip you into shape. But do any of these really work? Is there a sure fire way to get fit? Can some of these hot new workout trends be dangerous? Dr. Nandi, celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Sass, and personal training expert from “The Biggest Loser” Brett Hoebel discuss what works, and how to properly and safely get fit!

Episode 49 – Overcoming Fear

Everyone knows what fear feels like. We all experience it at some point in life. But what happens when fear starts impacting you every day? It can be a challenging obstacle both emotionally and physically. On this enlightening episode, Dr. Nandi and special guest Dr. Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist & author of Hardwiring Happiness, discuss the root of fear, and how it can be overcome.

Episode 50 – Overcoming Fear

Everyone knows what fear feels like. We all experience it at some point in life. But what happens when fear starts impacting you every day? It can be a challenging obstacle both emotionally and physically. On this enlightening episode, Dr. Nandi and special guest Dr. Rick Hanson, Neuropsychologist & author of Hardwiring Happiness, discuss the root of fear, and how it can be overcome.