Dolls Crib

This project is ideal for someone with a young daughter or they need to be inspired to build a rocker for their baby. Watch how Peter and Annalien give you a step by step guide on how to build your own Dolls Crib.  

You will need

Tools Materials
Compound Mitre Saw Pine PAR 20mm (NB not warped) keep it in the house
PST 18 Jigsaw Moon sides 600 mm x 600mm – 2 pieces
POF 1400 Router plus parallel guide Moon bottom 500mm x 360mm – 1 piece (NB grain in direction of long side)
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver support slats 360mm x 40mm – 8 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Moon backing material 450mm x 2mtrs. (Any thick material will work, maybe look for a nice print)
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Ribbon 20mm thick x 5 mtrs – 1 piece
Primo sander Drawer top and bottom – 500mm x 500mm – 2 pieces
PTK 3.6 Tacker plus staples drawer sides 153 mm x 500 – 2 pieces
  Drawer back 153 mm x 460mm – 1 piece
  Inside drawer sides 150mm x 460mm – 2 pieces
  Drawer front and back 150mm x 497 mm – 2 pieces
  masonite bottom 490mm x 490mm – 1 piece (there should be some in the workshop that we can cut to size)
  White door stops – 4 pieces
  Door knob/drawer handle – 1 piece (nice girly one)
  Cut screws – 4 x 40mm
  Wood glue
  Wood filler – Pine (please check that you have fresh filler)
  Varnish (pink tinted would be nice) Check under Sherwood brand. 
  material glue to glue ribbons on.

Follow these steps

Drawer outside

  • Measure out and mark where all the pieces fit
  • Attach top, bottom, sides and back together
  • Fill holes and leave to dry
  • When dry sand and router grooves on top (for decoration only)
  • After varnishing attach doorstops to use as legs

Drawer inside

  • Router inside edge on the bottom in order to fit masonite board to use as a bottom
  • Assemble front and sides
  • Slide masonite in and assemble backing board
  • Drill hole for handle
  • Fill holes and let dry


  • Draw out shape on one side
  • Mark off where bottom goes
  • Mark off where it fits onto the drawer
  • Cut out one side and transfer shape onto other board
  • Cut out stars/design for decoration
  • Assemble both sides with bottom and support slats
  • Router outer edges and fill holes

Finishing off

  • Once varnished, attach material to the back with staples.
  • Fasten moon onto drawers
  • Cover joining screws by gluing ribbon over screw tops.
  • Attach decorative stars with glue to the sides.