Dog Kennel

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien builds a dog kennel, perfectly suited for your four legged kids!

You will need:




Cordless Jigsaw Ply wood 18mm
POF Router Bottom  1000mm x 600mm
18 Volt Cordless drill driver Brandering 35mm
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver 1000mm – 8 pieces
Pex sander Ply wood 9mm
PFS 2000 spray gun Back 1000mm x 500mm – 1 piece
PCM compound mitre Front 500mm x 500mm – 1 piece
Electric tacker side (door) 600mm x 600mm – 1 piece
Side (outside) 500mm x 600mm – 1 piece
Side (balcony) 600mm x 250mm
Ply wood 6mm
Roof slats 600mm x 120mm – 14 pieces
Decking Screws – 4 x 40
panel pins (nails)  25mm
wood glue
Linseed oil
Carpet off cut/square to be cut to fit inside kennel

Follow these steps

  • Measure and cut frame to size
  • Join legs, cross beams and side frame together
  • Cut floor board to size and fit into frame
  • Cut front side to size and cut shape for the door
  • Attach to the frame
  • Cut back side and fit to the frame
  • Cut back piece and attach
  • Repeat for the front
  • Make the balcony slats and attach to the balcony side
  • Attach roof slats
  • Sand
  • Preserve with linseed oil
  • Cut carpet to size and fit into kennel


Downloadable plan

>> PDF Layout Plan – Dog Kennel