Tommy Fix Your House For Free

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Expert builder and DIY guru Tommy Walsh is joined by his sidekick, maverick builder and compulsive scavenger Liam Collins as they both take on the challenge of fixing up a house for free! Given the current credit crunch, more and more people are finding that money is tight, and so there is no better time for Tommy to tackle his biggest project yet – helping families enhance their homes for very little cash

Episode 1

Tommy Walsh helps Tim and Bev convert their attic space using free building materials that he has sourced. Can Tommy complete the job?

Episode 2

Les is a DIY disaster, so its up to Tommy to demolish his rotting shed and build a new summer house, using free building materials.

Episode 3

Eileen has been living with a half-finished kitchen for 30 years. Tommy is on hand to transform the space using only free building materials.

Episode 4

With only free building materials at his disposal, Tommy’s going to try and convert Lesley’s single garage into a tranquil therapy room.

Episode 5

Can Tommy rustle up 25,000 of free building materials and turn a garage into a bedroom with en suite for Dave and Alison?