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The “greening of America” continues one home at a time, as Emmy Award winning host Steve Thomas takes us into the exciting world of Green Homes on the captivating second season of RENOVATION NATION. 

Once again, Steve visits renovation sites across the country and meets eco-sensitive homeowners who are making the choice to be environmentally aware.  Steve leads the way as he introduces the audience to new and exciting Green Building materials, technology, techniques and products for your home. 

From the latest designs with fun and friendly homeowners to the most innovative technology, Steve brings us the best in Green Home Renovations while enjoying the forward-thinking people who are making them a reality.  Join Steve as he rolls up his sleeves and works alongside builders on their eco-sensitive renovations, and learns why they have chosen to “go green” — and what that really means.

It’s all happening on another exciting season of RENOVATION NATION — the place to explore the exploding new movement in Green Building.


Steve Thomas, former host of “This Old House,” travels the country in search of the most innovative, cutting-edge ideas for green building and design.  Today, Steve helps a family install a rainwater tank next to their lopsided house. Later, Steve helps a backyard engineer finish his solar invention that’s the first in America. Then, Steve lends a hand on a different kind of eco-smart home-a green doghouse complete with a solar-powered fan !


Today, in New Orleans, Steve helps restore a famous painter’s studio damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  Not only does Steve have to maintain the historical properties of the studio, he also runs into some unexpected surprises in the walls.   Later, Steve helps a couple reduce their carbon footprint by building an eco-smart office in their own backyard.  Storm clouds are brewing, so they race the rain to get the office built, insulated and ready to go.


Today, Steve lends a hand on what might be the greenest house in the country.  These Tucson homeowners are going for the most LEED points ever.  Then, Steve will meet a Houston couple so committed to eco-smart living, they’re downsizing their entire living area to less than half the space of their previous home.  Not everything is bigger in Texas!


Steve lends a hand with the Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Philadelphia who are building building affordable, green homes. Then, Steve helps a Tucson couple set up an eco-smart room for their new baby.


Today, Steve explores a rainforest in Hana, Hawaii, looking for materials to build an eco-smart tree house.   He gathers palm fronds for the roof as well as guava and bamboo timber for the structure.  Nothing about building this house is conventional-will Steve be able to put down his power tools and meditate with the homeowner?   Later, Steve will work on a hotel in Little Compton, Rhode Island which was built in 1854.  His challenge is to add innovative green systems, like geothermal heating and cooling, and still preserve the hotel’s historic integrity.


Today, Steve will assist a couple in Fairhope, Alabama by channeling their excess rainwater into eco-friendly rain gardens.  But first, Steve has to find a way to get rid of wood-eating insects from their salvaged wood-and he has to do it green.  Later, Steve builds a fence from bamboo grown right in a Philadelphia couple’s very own backyard.  Then, Steve will install their pellet stove-if only that darn stud wasn’t in the way.


Host Steve Thomas travels the country looking for people who push the envelope of green building and design. Steve travels to North Kahala, Hawaii to help a couple add some green systems to their historic ranch starting with a rainwater collection cistern and natural ventilation. Later, Steve will help a Portland, Oregon couple build an addition to their log cabin using one of the earliest eco-smart building techniques. Then, Steve will step out of the norm by trying his hand at making lamps from renewable and reclaimed materials.


Today, Steve will lend a hand with a Portland, OR couple’s ground-up renovation. He’ll help install siding on a rain screen wall, put in a concrete counter in their bathroom and weld an eco-smart balcony guardrail. Later, Steve will help out at-risk students in Maui, HI as they build a bamboo structure. They’ll also visit the forest where bamboo is harvested on the island.


Today, host Steve will help create what will hopefully be the largest solar community in the world on an Army base in Wainae, HI. He’ll work on installing metal frameworks and solar panels that stick right on to the roof. Later, Steve will help an Austin, TX family with their indoor air quality and tour one of the greenest neighborhoods in Austin. Believe it or not, it used to be an airport! Then, Steve learns about a new kind of renewable energy in Kona, HI – water power!


Host Steve Thomas will help a Portland, OR couple build with local materials – and it is REALLY local! The couple is using wood from their own backyard to make a countertop and earth for their mud floors. Later, Steve will help turn one New Orleans couple’s Hurricane Katrina nightmare into a green dream. He’ll lend a hand in building their new eco-smart, storm resistant home. Finally, Steve will answer the question-how many people does it take to screw in an energy efficient light bulb?


Here comes the bride…and she’s about to move in to this Portland, OR, fixer-upper! Host Steve Thomas helps the bachelor get his pad in shape for her. But the honeymoon’s over when Steve tells the husband-to-be that the rain screen wall is going to be problematic with the way it’s been installed. Will they be able to compromise? Or is the homeowner wedded to his original plan? Later, Steve will help two busy architects build an eco-smart playroom for their kids.


Host Steve Thomas helps build a sustainable and practical home for people with disabilities in Boulder, CO. He jumps in on inventive projects like an adjustable oven range and then discovers just how tricky it is when the slate floor he lays won’t work for a wheelchair. Later, Steve helps a do-it-yourselfer family install permeable pavers. Then, Steve builds a cabin from trees salvaged from forest fires.


Steve Thomas travels the country looking for people who push the envelope of green building and design.  Today, Steve will show a Baton Rouge, LA, architect how to build a carport on a dime.  They’ll use recycled wood from another building and concrete from a parking lot to get things started.  Will salvaged materials help him come in under budget?  Or does he need to go back to the drawing board?  Then, in Portland, OR, green building is for the birds when Steve constructs an eco-smart chicken coop.