Baby Doll Cot

What you will need:



Cordless drill drivers

Pine 20mm

IXO with angle head

Head and foot piece 500mm x 500 mm – 2 pieces


Bed – 700 mm x 400 mm – 1 piece

PSM Sander

Skirt front/back – 180 mm x 700 mm – 2 pieces

Eccentric Sander

20 x 20mm cleats 1000mm – 4 pieces

jig saw

Pesrpex 4 mm – 820 mm x 250mm – 2 pieces

dremel multi tool with speed clic PVC cutting discs

$ x 40mm screws

Cordless dremel 8200 with engraving bit for perspex

Pine colour wood filler




clear varnish

Baby doll cot

– draw out design on sides and also skirt (from pre made template)

– Mark off where bed lies on sides

– attach cleats to sides for bed and skirt

– mark and drill Pilot holes on bed where skirt attaches

– Mark and cut where Perspex must fits into side.

– assemble sides and skirts to bed.

– fill any holes with filler

– Sand and varnish

– cut grooves into Perspex where it slides into the sides

– carve out pattern (or stick stickers)

– put Perspex into cot

Decorate with blanket etc.