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Aero Rocker

This project started as inspiration found on the internet. These projects often have no instructions, and it is thus vital that you plan your project before starting. This is what we used, along with the basic steps. You will need: Material: Pine PAR 20mm thick Rockers – 150mm x 1200mm – 2 pieces Rocker base […]

Australia’s Best House S1

Hosted by style icon Megan Gales, we take a sneak peek into the best homes in Australia. Australians love everything house and home. ‘Australia’s Best House’ is a celebration of how Australians live. From display homes, multi-residential projects, brand new builds to breath-taking renovations, this show will take us inside the best residential projects in […]

Babies changing station

Building your own dining room table should not be a daunting task. Peter and Annalien shows you how to build a beautiful dining room table, with the option of a unique paint finish. You will need: Bosch Tools Material list PCM 7 Compound Mitre saw 14mm ply wood (if 14 not available then 12mm) NB […]

Baby Doll Cot

What you will need: Tools Materials Cordless drill drivers Pine 20mm IXO with angle head Head and foot piece 500mm x 500 mm – 2 pieces Router Bed – 700 mm x 400 mm – 1 piece PSM Sander Skirt front/back – 180 mm x 700 mm – 2 pieces Eccentric Sander 20 x 20mm […]

Baby Room Makeover

Episode 1 Amanda is a flight attendant whose plans for a new kitchen took a nose dive after she realized she had no idea what she was doing. Having gone two years without a proper stove, her boyfriend Carl is fed up. Amanda has to complete the kitchen or she may end up flying solo! […]

Backyard Builds S3

When living space becomes unliveable, the answer to your pleas for help may come from the unlikely source of your overgrown and underused backyard. Looking to provide salvation from cramped households are contractor Brian McCourt and design expert, Sarah Keenleyside. Armed with the homeowner’s needs and budget, families are left speechless as they see their […]

Bar Cabinet

This week Peter and Annalien are in entertainment mode so they decide to build a hanging Bar Cabinet out of a laminated Meranti wood. See how they build it step by step so that you may be inspired to build your very own!    You will need: Tools Materials POF 1400 Router Meranti 20mm PAR […]

Bar Chair and Bench

This week Peter and Annalien show you how to build a stylish bar chair as well as a bench. Peter makes a handy bottle opener out of a piece of wood and a nail, plus Annalien makes some decorative party coasters. You will need: Tools Materials POF 1400 Router plus round over bit Pine (PAR) […]

Barrel Chair

Authentic barrel-look furniture can be expensive and hard to come by, but Peter and Annalien show you how to create a unique barrel-look chair perfect for the patio or garden. You will need: Tools Materials PCM 1800 SD Compound mitre saw 20mm Pine PAR PST 18 Jigsaw Circle Sides 600 mm x 600mm – 4 […]

Basement Bedlam & “Peeling Wall Paint” Insert

Episode 2 Grant may be the culinary king in the kitchen, but his basement has been left in raw and extra rare form. Walls are poorly framed and posts are leaning so much the room makes you dizzy. Can Bryan whip up Grant’s renovation skills enough to finish the basement?  ‘Make It Better’ with Prominent […]

Bat Box

By encouraging bats into your garden can reduce irritating pests such as mosquitoes. Peter and Annalien learn from an expert on how to build a bat box. So if you would like to encourage these nocturnal friends into your garden, then watch the team gives you a step by step guide on how you can […]


Episode 9 Today the Make it Better team heads off to Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town to the home of Rashida Amadien to help her fix a major problem in her bathroom. Due to high humidity and a lack of ventilation Rashida’s bathroom is covered in mold and fungal spores. The team manages to fix […]

Bathroom Cabinet

Tools Jig Saw PSR 18 volt Cordless drill PSR 10.8 volt cordless PSR 14.4 Cordless drill driver Dremel cordless driver Dremel Trio Material list Melamine 16mm Harvard Cherry (same colour edging) 900 x 450mm – 2 pieces (edged 2 x long + 1 short edge 600 x 450 mm – 1 piece (edged all sides) […]

Bathroom Cabinet

This is what you’ll need Material List Tools: 16mm melamine board (NB they must subtract the edging from the measurements below) Jig saw 700 x 598 – 2 pieces (edged all sides) Cordless drill drivers 968mm x 200 – 2 pieces (edged 1 long side) PDB 40 Drill press 700 mm x 200 – 2 […]

Bathroom Organiser

We call it a bathroom organiser, but this versatile DIY project can double up as a veggie rack or even a place for the kids’ toys to live. Peter and Annalien shows you how to build a three tiered wooden organiser, with simple to follow steps. You will need Tools Material list PCM 7 Compound […]