Toy Trolley

Ever wondered how to store toys in a funky, fun but practical way? Well today Peter and Annalien are going to show you how to build your very own toy trolley. This Toy Trolley is a DIY way to store your children’s favourite toys or simply a great gift to give!

You will need

Tools Materials
GST 18 Jigsaw Supa wood 16mm (from the workshop
Router Box sides 400 x 200 mm – 2 pieces
Ixo screwdriver Box front 300 x 200 mm – 2 pieces
Spray Gun Box bottom 332 x 400 mm – 1 Piece
Drill Press Train sides 600 x 400 – 2 pieces
  Pine 38 x 38 mm – 2 x 1mtr pieces (if you don’t have we will take the closest)
  Dowel stick – 400mm x 22mm (we will use whats left of the broom stick)
  Paint – base coat 
  Paint – poster paints ass colours
  3 x 30mm screws
  wood filler
  8 x 100mm – bolts
  12 x nuts to fit bolt
  12 washers to fit bolt

Steps to build the toy trolley

  • Join sides, front,. Back and bottom of the box
  • Cut handles sides to size
  • Cut and drill for dowel stick handle
  • Attach to inside of the box
  • Draw out template for train on another board
  • Cut out train and transfer on other side
  • Rout and attach to sides of box
  • Cut out wheels and rout
  • Attach wheels to sides
  • Cut bolts down to size
  • Spray with undercoat and base coat
  • Decorate with poster paints and attach face (Annalien is making the face

Printable Plan

Toy Train Trolley