Room Makeover

What you need

Tools Material list
Circular Saw Pallets – 3
Skil guide rail Formica top 35-40mm (1 piece 1800mm, 1 piece 1mtr) plus edging to match
18 volt Jigsaw 25 x 25 mm aluminium angle – 1 length
PSA 1200 sabre saw (you should still have a blade) Legs x 3 NB must be the right size for a stationary table and not the longer one for kitchens
PLS 300 Jigsaw guide Coach screws 6 x 60/70mm – from Eureka. We still have
Quigo line laser Plugs to fit coach screws
Pex 220 sander 6mm wall plugs 2 for each head board plank, 10 for the table
Spray gun 4 x 60mm screws
PSR 18 Cordless drill driver plastic plugs/covers to cover screw heads. (colour to match paint colour on head board)
PSR 10.8 volt screw driver 4×40 mm screws
Small angle grinder plus thin multi construction blade 16mm dowel sticks 3 x 1mtr
wood glue
Hooks if you want for the coat and hat rack
Varnish for the hat and coat rack and the head board

Steps for the makeover

  1. Painting – Annalien would have completed the room painting , “just finishing” when I arrive. (It’s important because if the paint is not dry we will scratch it when we are trying to put things up on the wall.
  2. Head board

– break/cut up pallet

  • Cut pieces to size
  • Drill holes
  • Sand & varnish
  • Cut out pallet
  • Drill holes for dowel sticks
  • Cut and insert dowel sticks
  • Drill holes for mounting on the wall
  • Sand and varnish
  1. Coat and hat rack
  1. Table
  • Cut tables to size
  • Cut aluminium angle iron to fit tops
  • Drill holes in aluminium
  • Drill holes in wall and attach aluminium to wall
  • Attach legs to under tables
  • Attach tables to aluminium against wall
  • Level tables
  1. Attach coat rack to the wall
  2. Attach headboard to the wall.

Bosch Tool Tip – Week 1