Garden Storage

As the seasons change, you are reminded to try and find the right gardening tools… Peter and Annalien build a garden shelf to assist you in getting organised this season. There is a place for most garden tools right at your fingertips. Be inspired to build a Garden Shelf of your own and see how the team show you how.

You will need

Tools Materials

GST 18 Jigsaw

Plywood 18mm


Sides 500 x 1500 mm – 2 pieces

PSR 18 Cordless drill

Top shelves – 250 x 1000mm – 2 pieces

Spray Gun

Bottom shelves – 500 x 1000mm – 3 pieces

PSR 10.8 screwdriver

Side hangers – 250 x 80mm – 2 pieces

Aqutak high pressure cleaner

18-20mm dowel/ – 300mm 1 piece (we can cut from the broomstick that you have)


Water proof wood glue


Oil penetrating sealer (we can use the clear or the teak one from Cedar)

  4 x 40mm screws

Steps to build your Garden Storage

  • Measure, draw and cut sides to size
  • Cut out shapes
  • Rout edges
  • Cut out pot shapes in top shelf
  •  Assemble shelves and sides
  • Make spade hanger
  • Sand and seal