Computer Stand

What you will need

  Melamine covered board – Light wood colour NB all edging in black – thin PVC edging not plastic.  All sizes are excluding edging, I have included edeging size in my calculations
PSR 18 VLI black self gluing/iron on edging – 3 mtrs extra
PSR 18VLI cordless Drill Shelf (top and middle) 798 x 500mm – 3 pieces (edging on two long sides of each board) grain in direction of long side
PSR Select Top – 830 x 498mm – 1 piece (edged on all sides) grain in direction of long side
Iron (for putting on edging) Sides – 498 x 1494mm (edged on two long sides) grain direction of long side
Sharp carpet knife (NB yours is blunt) drawer front 130 x 830 mm – 1 piece (edged all four sides) grain in direction of long side
Hand sanding sponges Drawer bottom 798 x 484 – 1 piece (no edging)
  Drawer back 96 x 796 – 1 piece (edged all four sides)
  Drawer sides 80 x 484mm – 2 pieces (edging on one long side on each board)
  Drawer front insert 80 x 766 – 1 piece (edged on one long side)
  base skirt 50 x 800mm – 2 pieces (no edging
  Base shelf 598  x 798mm – 1 piece (edged all four sides) grain in direction of long side)
  Base sides 48 x 580mm – 2 pieces (edged on 2 short sides on both pieces)
  Inside divider – 634 x 498mm – 1 pierce (edged on two long sides)
  plug caps to cover screws
  3 x 40mm sc screws
  3 x 30mm screws
  plastic corner brackets – same colour as wood – 1 packet
  16mm copper pipe 1 length cut to 1mtr lengths (should be around 5-6 pieces) NB this will be in the plumbing section
  Drawer handle – long type as the drawer is wide – 1 piece
  Clear gloss spary paint – 1 tin

Wheels x 4 pieces +/- 70mm (same as for the kitchen trolley)

Look for a light colour wood grain (it shows up the pencil marks etc better on camera). Note all edging must be in black not the same colour as the wood. This will give us a more modern look.

Steps to build the computer stand

  • Mark out and drill pilot holes on sides where all the shelves and drawer will fit
  • Cut out shape in sides
  • Iron on edging to exposed edges
  • Drill out countersink holes for copper tubes
  • Drill out holes through divider for copper tubes to fit through
  • Cut tubes to size, sand and spray
  • Mark out where divider fits to the base and shelf
  • Assemble sides, top and shelves. Insert copper tubes at the same time.
  • Make the base by attaching skirts, sides and wheel supports
  • Fit base to bottom of sides
  • Make the drawer by assembling bottom, sides, front and back inserts
  • Fit handle to drawer front and attach to the drawer
  • Attach wheels to the base and insert drawer

Plan for the stand

Downloadable Plan for the PC Stand

Bosch Tool Tip – Week 2