Junk Raiders

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Why spend a fortune on new building materials when other people have chucked out exactly what you need?

Junk Raiders is a journey into ‘up-cycling’; the thriving do-it-yourself subculture that takes trash and uses innovative recycling methods to give it new life.

The first series saw the Junk Raiders team use cast-offs to transform an old 1,600 square foot steel factory into a swanky VIP live/work space.

The second series ups the stakes by challenging the team to build a funky freestanding two-story building out of cast-off shipping containers, finely furnished with trash.

With furniture made from old ambulance stretchers, chairs made out of bike frames and even walls filled with 20,000 used wine corks, this project promises to stretch the team’s imagination and ingenuity.

Will their garbage transformation be good enough? 

Or will their demanding client order it all torn down and sent to landfill?

Only time and trash will tell.