Housecalls to the Rescue

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House Calls To The Rescue”, it is a show which solves real problems within the home. 

Not for those who want to sell and move on, not necessarily for those who want to surprise a loved one, this program is designed to get expert advice and assistance to the people who need it. Responding to calls, letters, emails and faxes, our team of trouble-shooters not only give out advice, they turn up on site to pitch in.

This personal involvement means that we emphasize the ‘D.I.Y.’ aspect, (albeit with expert help), so rather than simply bringing in an army of well-equipped professionals, we’re pushing the ‘you can do this yourself’ line as the homeowner gets stuck in with us.

We can sort out everything from doorjambs to decorations, plumbing to planting, household stains to frescoes and even the value of Nana’s jewellery.  We tackle anything from a minor problem to a full-scale disaster.