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The successful global franchise and ratings record-breaker HOUSE OF BRYAN, had Bryan and his family struggle to build the dream house in their hometown.  So it’s no surprise that HOUSE OF BRYAN: On the Rocks sees Bryan Baeumler at it again!  But this time he’s building the ultimate vacation home – literally from the rocks up.

He may be the owner of a successful construction company but building a 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art island villa from scratch won’t be the only thing on Bryan’s mind.  His wife Sarah has given him only four short months to buy property, build their new city getaway from the ground up and finish mounting the last painting on their dream summer home – or else.

From barging in supplies, to keeping a handle on his team, Bryan’s challenges hit an all-new high. And with a newborn boy, Bryan will have to do some fancy footwork to juggle the demands of work, family and play.

Watch the financial, emotional and physical stress that mounts from week to week and how Bryan manages to keep it all together as his dream summer home becomes a reality.

Episode – 1 Dock and Load

Bryan has been bit yet again by the building bug, but his excitement may have gotten the better of him this time! Pumped about the prospect of building a family cottage of his very own, Bryan’s learning the hard way the importance of location, location, location!


Episode – 2 – The Hole Truth


The build has just begun and two of Bryan’s worst fears are becoming a reality – rainy weather and plan changes! With the weather, and Sarah adding extra rooms to the design plan, Bryan’s struggling to stay calm, on schedule, and on budget.


Episode – 3– Beam Me Up


Bryan’s belief that building at the cottage all summer would be relaxing have been anything but! Burning the candle at both ends has taken its toll and Bryan’s down for the count at a critical stage in the build. 


Episode – 4 – Bye Bye Bry

Bryan’s other commitments are pulling him away from progressing at the cottage and the build can’t stop despite Bryan’s absence. Letting go and trusting Adam and Sarah to keep things moving are proving easier said than done.


Episode – 5 – Designer Dilemma

Being near water at the cottage is normally a good thing, but not when it’s raining and your roof hasn’t been framed. That’s not the only storm Bryan is weathering, as Rebecca and Sarah’s relationship hits a wall.


Episode – 6 – Hit the Deck

Bryan starts to install windows and begins key deck work. All hands on deck as Bryan enlists the help of a good friend to help. As the build moves closer to the end, war wages between Bryan and Sarah as decisions on interior finishes need to be made.


Episode – 7 – Truth or Bear

Sarah’s initial reluctance to build their cottage in the wilderness is proving true, as the wild life is too close for comfort. Bryan and Sarah disagree on the final finishes for the fireplace, to add fuel to the fire choosing interiors becomes more tense.


Episode – 8 – Floor Wars

Bryan gets to work on the tile and is realizing an eighth of an inch difference is a bigger thorn in his side than it’s worth! Sarah and Bryan choose a mural for their Great Room that could end up being a great disaster.


Episode – 9 – Off Side


Bryan focuses on getting the outside of the cottage completed. The work to install the live roof weighs down Bryan, and things aren’t moving as quick as he wants. Sarah and Darren question the final look of the exterior.


Episode – 10 – Counterstrike


Ordering custom finishes for the interior is one thing, making sure everything fits as planned is another. Sarah realizes she missed ordering a key element in the bathroom. Bryan is worried when transporting custom materials on site almost breaks the bank.


Episode – 11 – All Falls Down


As Autumn winds down, Bryan’s deadline creeps closer as he realizes the light at the end of the tunnel is farther away than planned. Telling Sarah they might have to delay the opening of the cottage even longer might be Bryan’s biggest challenge yet.


Episode – 12 – Rain on Bry’s Parade


Snow and heavy rain put a wrench in progress as Bryan’s big sprint to complete the deck – the last major project of the build – comes to a screeching halt. Sarah has a huge surprise for Bryan that changes the game.


Episode – 13 – Hard Rock Life

Lots of last minute touches pull the construction crew in all directions as both Bryan and Sarah need all hands on deck to finally finish the cottage. Bryan and Sarah do a final walk-through and recount the most memorable moments of the build.