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Holmes Inspection is the exciting new series from The Holmes Group.  Featuring Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes), the series shines a spotlight on innocent homeowners facing massive repair bills and dangerous living conditions due to incompetence within the unregulated home inspection industry.

Each show offers a unique dilemma faced by house purchasers who, misled by a vague or evasive home inspection, now face a daunting renovation or potential health threat.  Disillusioned and now distrusting, they call in Mike Holmes to give them a personal Holmes Inspection and assessment, and to Make it Right.

Episode 1: Little House, Big Trouble

At only 25 years old, Jessica landed a great job and found an affordable bungalow all at the same time.  It had a big backyard with a shed, perfect to store her beloved dirt bike.  Keen to succeed against several other bidders, she offered the maximum she could afford and dropped the requirement for a home inspection.  Thrilled that her strategy succeeded, she soon found that her small home needed a lot more work than she had ever imagined. Where is that leak coming from? Could that be dangerous material? What kind of insulation does it have? Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection and once he, Damon and the crew are finished, Jessica will hardly recognize her little house.

Jessica wanted this starter home so badly she bid without a home inspection.  Now she needs Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew to fix her little house with big trouble.

Episode 2: Backyard Blues

Simon and Nancy are newlyweds, who spent a lot of time and money fixing the bathrooms that their home inspector found leaking.  Then they tackled the filthy old kitchen, wanting their first home to look great.  Rapidly running out of money and energy, this young couple thought they were just going to have to live with a back deck that was slowly sinking into the grass.  Then they discovered the “repaired” crack in their foundation was leaking.  They couldn’t even use their family room because it was so cold in the basement. What else did their home inspector miss? They need Mike Holmes to do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew to Make It RightÒ.

Simon and Nancy are newlyweds with the backyard blues.  The home inspector said nothing about their sagging deck or lifting fence. Mike Holmes will Make It RightÒ.

Episode 3: Cold Welcome

Anita and Daniel discovered new issues with their home that threatened their family’s safety before they’d even finished fixing all the things the home inspector found. Their front hallway was freezing in the winter, the cold room below vented dangerously into the garage and that sunken tub was beginning to look like a real safety hazard with two active little kids running around.  They definitely need Mike Holmes to do a thorough Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew to help make their home safe and ensure that everyone who arrives receives a warm welcome.

Daniel and Anita are discovering safety issues that the home inspector never warned them about.  It’s up to Mike to do a Holmes Inspection and set their minds at ease.

Episode 4: Failing Grade

Single mom Debbie was excited to find an affordable semi-detached house that meant her teenager, Dylan, would not even have to change schools.  Despite the home inspector’s assurance that the grading around the yard was neutral, she found herself dealing with a leaky basement within days of moving in.  Then the “satisfactory” roof leaked into her dining room. As the weather got colder, so did her living room.  Debbie needs Mike to come and do a thorough Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew to help to Make It RightÒ, and watertight.

Debbie’s basement leaks despite the home inspector’s assurance that the grading is neutral.  Mike, Damon and the crew will Make It RightÒ — and watertight.

Episode 5: Ducts in a Row

Shawn and Francesca thought they had found their dream home on a quiet street, just perfect for large family gatherings. Even though the house was only seven years old, they played it smart and hired a home inspector.  Soon after they moved in, they started to notice a few things that were not in their report. Now this family is worried about a lot of heating and venting issues that are smothering their love for their new home.  What they need is a Holmes Inspection, so that Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew can Make It RightÒ and everyone can breath easier.

Have Shawn and Francesca bought their dream house or a huge nightmare?  Mike Holmes will inspect and Damon and the crew will make this house a home.

Episode 6: Pane-full Truth

Dan bought this town house because he could picture his buddies all enjoying the finished basement.  That dream died when sewage backed up all over the new basement carpet. The home inspector told him to paint and caulk the windows – a better return on his investment than all new windows.  Mike Holmes disagrees.  A Holmes Inspection also finds evidence that the roof is suffering from ice dams, the drains are cracked and the bedroom and closet are broiling hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. Damon and the crew will bring everything up-to-date in this aging townhouse, making it right for young Dan and his friends.

Dan needs a Holmes Inspection for his townhouse, and is delighted when Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew make his first home a place worth living in.

Episode 7: Down the Drain

New parents Kelly and Brian chose this townhouse so they could shorten their commute and spend more time with baby Hayden.  They were thrilled with the fenced-in backyard and the clean bill of health the house got from the home inspector. Imagine their surprise when the very first rainfall flooded their backyard six inches deep.  Then, when the cold weather began, they discovered they needed a combination of booster fans and space heaters to bring enough heat to their bedrooms.  Now they’re wondering if the home inspector should have told them more about their strange laundry set up? This young family needs Mike Holmes to do a thorough Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew to help them keep their heads above water.

Mike Holmes will show Kelly and Brian the signs of water troubles their home inspector missed. Damon and the crew will be on hand to help Make It RightÒ.

Episode 8: Pump Up the Heat

Izabela and Waldemar worked hard all their lives to establish themselves in Canada, raise their kids and buy a nice house that they could call their final home.  They were thrilled to find one with geo-thermal heating, thinking they would have reduced heating costs while also being friendly to the environment.  A bidding war made it impossible to get a home inspection in time and they found, with regret, that there were lots of issues that they might have been warned about. After a winter spent at an uncomfortable 14 degrees, where all their money went on replacement windows and leaky plumbing, this couple is feeling tired of this house and older than their years.  They need a Holmes Inspection, and Mike and his expert team to make their green dream come true.

Izabela and Waldemar bought a renovated house with faulty geo thermal heating in a bidding war.  Mike will do a Holmes Inspection and help Make It RightÒ – and green.

Episode 9: Cold Front

Stuart and Kim hired a home inspector before they purchased, just to be safe.  But he seemed reluctant to go up on the roof and they later discovered he had declined to do a full roof inspection due to “snow and ice.”  In July!  He missed all sorts of entry holes for critters and cold draughts. Sure enough, their bathroom is almost too cold to use in winter weather. What else did this home inspector miss?  Mike Holmes will find out, and Damon and the crew will help Make It RightÒ.

Mike Holmes inspects a large detached home that Kim and Stuart are apparently sharing with the squirrels.  How are the critters and all that cold air getting in?

Episode 10: Rail Against the Deck

When Laura and Robert adopted little Madelin from China, they knew they were going to need a bigger house.  Their starter home sold so fast that they felt a little rushed.  The first home they liked got such a bad home inspection report, they decided against it.  Then they found this house.  Only nine years old with a big deck and backyard, it had a pretty positive home inspection already commissioned by the previous owners.  Thrilled, they went ahead with the deal.  Right from the start, none of the toilets flushed properly. Then, one rainy day, Laura slipped on the back deck and the railing broke off in her hands. Now the deck, that was a major selling feature, is off limits, especially to Madelin. They need help from Mike Holmes, Damon and the rest of the crew to make this house safe for their little family.

Laura and Robert loved the big deck and backyard but now they’re worried for their daughter’s safety.  Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection, and Make it Right®.

Episode 11: Paths of Destruction

Elena and Guilia are a terrific mother-daughter team.  They chose a home as close to the city centre as they could afford, so that Guilia would have an easier commute to school.
Their home inspector reported some issues and they did their best to take care of those, with limited resources.  Now they are noticing water coming into the basement, spreading rot in the garage and some scary looking wiring, but they have not lost their sense of humour about all the trials they have to face with this house.  They are very excited to be having a Holmes Inspection, and the help of Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew to Make it Right.®

Elena and her daughter Guilia have done what they can to remedy the faults the home inspector found.  Now there’s more trouble in store, as Mike Holmes will discover.

Episode 12: Something Stinks

When Deb and Scott relocated from Boston, it was Scott who picked this newer town house before Deb and baby Liam came here to join him.  The home inspector told him it was a well-kept town home with very few issues.  Once they moved in, Deb immediately noticed a bad smell emanating from the guest bathroom, and avoided using it.  Now they are noticing that the laundry closet stinks as well.  This young couple is wondering what else their home inspector might have missed. They need the expertise of Mike Holmes to tell them for sure, and the help of Damon and the crew, to give this house a clean slate.

Deb and Scott moved with their baby to a fairly new townhouse.  Something smells, despite the home inspector’s good opinion.  Mike will do a Holmes Inspection.

Episode 13: Cozying It Up

Dominic and Chantelle have four children between them and desperately needed more space than they had in their apartment.  Although small, this semi-detached house would be a big improvement for the whole family.  Thrilled that it passed the home inspection with very few comments, they bought.  Now they are wondering how thorough the home inspector actually was.  There is water leaking into one son’s bedroom and they keep blowing fuses in the kitchen.  The living room is freezing and a quick look at the heat vents has turned up a serious health hazard.  This was supposed to be the home where they could safely raise their four kids.  They need Mike to do a Holmes Inspection, and the whole team to come in and Make it Right.® 

Dominic and Chantelle moved from an apartment to their first home with four kids between them.  Now they need a Holmes Inspection and the team to make it safe.

Episode 14: Looks are Deceiving PT 1 of 2

Sean and Carol met overseas and came home to buy their dream home close to the grandparents.  Now that dream has turned into an oversized nightmare.  Baby Liam’s room is so cold they call it “the meat locker.”  The roof is showing signs of wear and the living room is too cold for comfort. Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection and show them they have even bigger issues than they thought.

Sean and Carol moved to be closer to the grandparents.  The baby’s room is as cold as a “meat locker” and Mike Holmes will show them just how big their issues really are.

Episode 15: Looks are Deceiving P2 of 2

Sean and Carol have been out of their house for weeks now.  Mike’s Holmes Inspection found structural issues, in addition to the many ways their cold, drafty thirty-year-old house had been invaded by pests of all shapes and sizes.  Damon and the crew are all on hand to straighten this house out, and make it safe and warm for this small family’s return.

Sean and Carol need to bring their small family back home.  Damon and the crew are all on hand to fix the oversized issues found in Mike’s Holmes Inspection.

Episode 16: Getting Hosed

Peter and Sharon decided with the birth of their third son, that they had better move out of their starter home and find a bit more space for their active family. Encouraged that this house was only eight years old and passed inspection, they bought.  Now they are battling plumbing leaks, window leaks, and a foyer that floods every time it rains. They need Mike Holmes to do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew to keep them from getting hosed any longer.

Peter and Sharon’s family outgrew their starter home.  Now they need Mike Holmes to tell them why there are so many things wrong with their picture perfect house.

Episode 17: Moisture Madness

Kristen and Grant spent the top of their budget to buy a downtown storefront property that had been beautifully renovated.  Happy with the sparkling kitchen and bath, they were blind to signs of trouble. Their home inspection did not help them to see the issues they might have with this unique house in the future.  Well the future is here, but luckily so is Mike Holmes.  He will do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew will make this urban space safe and sound.

Kristen and Grant bought a downtown storefront that has been renovated into a three-bedroom house.  Now they need Mike Holmes and the crew to make it a home.

Episode 18: Through the Roof

Newlyweds Tina and Jeff have three daughters between them and found a house with room for them all. It was not very modern, but it was safe and solid, according to the home inspection. When the money they had saved for their honeymoon unexpectedly went on replacing the hot water heater, and other surprises popped up, like freezing cold bedrooms, they knew they needed Mike Holmes. Damon and the crew will be on hand to help give this family a fresh start.

Tina and Jeff bought this house so their newly combined family would have enough room. Now they need Mike Holmes and the crew to make it cozy and safe.

Episode 19: Stacked Against Us

Reza and Liz bought an eight-year-old house based on a home inspection that seemed to go well.  That didn’t last long.  Now they have had pipes freeze in the master bathroom, cracks have opened under their son’s bedroom window and water has started leaking into the kitchen below. They need Mike to do a Holmes Inspection, and show them the many issues their inspector missed.  Damon and the crew will all have to help on this one.

Reza and Liz had a fast home inspection on a nearly new house that left them puzzled.  Mike will do a Holmes Inspection and his crew will solve the many issues he finds.

Episode 20: Attic Deal Breaker

Ross and Lisa foolishly allowed a family friend to do their home inspection for the price of a case of beer.  While he told them a few things, he missed more than he saw.  Among other things, he skipped that awkward climb into the attic, claiming there would be no deal breakers up there.  Mike Holmes is here to prove him wrong.  Damon and the crew are on hand to fix all the issues found on Mike’s much more thorough Holmes Inspection.

Ross and Lisa paid for their home inspection with a case of beer. Big Mistake. Now they need Mike to do a Holmes Inspection, and lots of help from Damon and the crew.

Episode 21: Bigger not Better

Mitzi and Cory thought they were buying a big house in a nice neighbourhood.  The home inspector found no major issues and delighted, so they bought.  At first they loved living in their big house, near the grandparents, but more and more issues have surfaced that have them worried for their daughter’s safety. Now they are counting on Mike to do a more thorough Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew to help Make it RightÒ.

Mitzi and Cory bought a big suburban house in a nice neighbourhood near the grandparents.  Mike Holmes will show them bigger is not always better.

Episode 22: Trouble Overhead

Eiman and Benafsha originally decided to buy a condo downtown in which they could start their lives together as a couple.  Then they found this charmingly renovated bungalow for almost the same price.  Excited, they agreed to the seller’s condition that they skip the home inspection.  Not a good idea.  Mike will do a Holmes Inspection and show these two exactly how much more they could have known about what they were getting into.  He and the crew will Make it RightÒ.

Eiman and Benafsha found the seller wouldn’t accept a sale on condition of a home inspection.  Mike Holmes will show them why that should have sent up a red flag.

Episode 23: Minor Finds, Major Fixes

Tony and Annamaria loved their starter bungalow, but were completely shocked by their first cold winter.  They had a home inspection before they bought, but nothing was noted about their rusty ductwork and huge, drafty front window.  Mike Holmes is on the case, doing a Holmes Inspection and finding even more issues than the couple thought they had. Mike, Damon and the crew will Make it RightÒ.

Tony and Annamaria are finding their small bungalow cold and drafty, despite a positive inspection report. Mike Holmes will be on hand to do a Holmes Inspection.

Episode 24: Bigger Bungle

Anna and Terry traded in their starter bungalow for a larger one, with a big front porch and a wild, untended backyard.  Now the front porch that attracted them is falling apart and fixing the grading, as the home inspector suggested, went way over budget.  Tackling the issues he missed is impossible on the budget they have left.  Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection, and Damon and the crew will Make it RightÒ.

Terry and Anna have spent all their money on the things the home inspector caught.  Now they need Mike Holmes and the crew to help fix all those things he missed.

Episode 25: Below Grade

While Jaime and Vishal were house hunting, a family crisis occurred that meant Vishal’s mom needed a place to live too.  A home inspector was hired to ensure they’d finally found an affordable home for everyone.  As it turns out, he missed a lot of issues that would have made this family more comfortable.  Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew will bring this house up to Mike’s standards.

Vishal is caught between Jaime’s needs, and those of his mom.  A home inspector lets them all down.  Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew, will come to the rescue.

Episode 26: Steamed

Anca and Paul needed a home that would be large enough for his two sons 11 and 13 and her daughter, 11. Losing out in three bidding wars may have made them a little more desperate to settle for this tired townhouse with a single shower for everyone.  Still, the home inspector saw no major issues.  Turns out there were a lot of things he didn’t see that has this family steamed.  Mike will do a Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew will Make it RightÒ.

Paul and Anca felt lucky to find this townhouse for their blended family but are worried about what their home inspector did not see. Mike Holmes to the rescue.