Storage Bench

What you will need:

Tools Material list
Jigsaw Pine 20mm (planed all round) 
Cordless screw drivers base & top – 1481 mm x 350mm –  2 pieces
router Sides/dividers – 350mm x 223 mm – 4 pieces (NB grain must run in direction of short side)
Pex 220 sander Top skirt 50mm x 1521mm – 3 pieces
Spray gun feet pine 114 x 114 mm x 38mm thick (can use off cuts from other projects.
Electric Tacker Varnish with colour/we can also paint this one.
  4 x 40mm screws
  Baskets – 3 pieces
  If we cover the top we will need the following
  Chip board 16mm 1521mm x 390mm – 1 piece
  sponge to fit chipboard
  Material big enough to fold over chipboard and sponge.

Steps For Storage Bench.

  1. Drill pilot holes where top, bottom and sides join.
  2. Router front edges of sides and dividers
  3. Attach bottom and top to the sides
  4. Insert dividers
  5. Attach “skirt” to top
  6. Make feet (cut & rout) and attach
  7. Sand and varnish
  8. For the cushion it’s a separate board where we glue on the sponge and staple material and this we then attach to the top.
  9. Insert baskets.

Download and Print the plan

Printable Plan for the Storage Bench

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