Recycled Wall Hanger

What you will need:

Tools Material list
PSA Sabre saw with progressor blade for wood and metal Pallets – (I will get from our ware house)
Jig saw Tin plates (I will bring)
Cordless screw driver Wall hanging hooks – 4 pieces
PBS Belt sander + belts Different colours of paint (5 different pastel colours x 1 ltr) cedar to supply
Bosch glue gun White PVA – Cedar to supply
Uneo max 18volt drill all purpose primer – Cedar to supply (I think they already gave us some)
  nail in anchors

Steps For Recycled Wall Hanger.

  1. Reclaim wood from an old pallet
  2. Fasten on to backing board.
  3. Paint lightly with white paint ( and let dry)
  4. Sand and paint back of plates (all same colour)
  5. Paint front of plates (each a different colour)
  6. Cut out shapes in expanded metal
  7. Sand wood lightly to give an “old” effect
  8. Glue and screw plates and mesh shapes on backing.
  9. Attach picture hangers/hooks at the back of board
  10. Attach to the wall 

Download and Print the plan

Recycled Wall hanger

This week’s Bosch Tool Tip