Jewellery Cabinet

What you will need:

Tools Material list
GST 18 vli plus pls 300 guide Supa wood 16mm
18 volt Cordless Drill driver  Door & backing – 500mm x 400mm – 2 pieces
PSR 3.6 ixo screw driver sides – 70mm x 500mm – 2 pieces
spray gun top/bottom 70mm x 368mm – 2 pieces
Pex 220 sander Side stand 300mm x 400mm – 2 pieces
PSM 18 volt sander side stand slat – 405mm x 100mm – 1 piece
Router 20 x 20mm x 500mm – 4 pieces ( can also be meranti or pine check in the workshop)
  Supa wood 3 or 4mm thick – 30mm x 400mm – 6 pieces 
  Mirror 260 mm x 360mm – 1 piece (sharp edges removed/ground)
  Varnish (we can use the teak colour from Cedar)
  Flush hinges 20mm – 3 pieces
  décor hooks small – 6
  6-8mm bolts x 50mm long – 2 pieces plus 6 washers and 2 wing nuts to fit
  3.5 x 30 screws
  3 x 16mm screws
  wood glue
  Door knob – 1 small
  wood filler to match supa wood (slightly darker than meranti)
  door clip magnetic (to hold door closed – 1 piece

Steps For Jewellery Cabinet.

  1. Mark and drill pilot holes where sides of the frame fit to top and bottom of the frame and attach
  2. Attach frame to backing board
  3. Fill screw holes and sand
  4. Cut out mirror size in the door
  5. Rout out groove for mirror
  6. Rout décor edges on front of the door
  7. Make stand (cut out sides and attach slat)
  8. Router all outer edges
  9. Drill holes in cabinet and stand where they fit together.
  10. Fit slats onto the door for earrings etc to hang on
  11. Sand and varnish
  12. Fit mirror into door
  13. attach door to cabinet
  14. Fit cabinet to the stand with bolts, washers and wing nut.

Download and Print the plan

 Printable Plan for the Jewellery Cabinet

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