Herb Garden

What you will need:

Tools Material list
GST 18 vli plus pls 300 guide Meranti 20mm thick. PAR
18 volt Cordless Drill driver  Frame – 50 mm x 1200mm – 4 pieces
PSR 3.6 screw driver frame slats – 40 mm x 460 mm – 8 pieces
Multi Tool with sanding atachmnet Shelf slats – 50 mm x 150mm – 93 pieces (can also use 9 x 1.8mtre legths – I will cut to size)
Pex 220 sander Shelf small slats – 20mm x 20mm x 460mm – 24 pieces
Plumbing tools (I will bring) 6mm bolts with nuts x 2 pieces (eureka)
Router 6mm washers x 6 pieces (eureka)
dremel tool 4 x 40mm screws (eureka)
  Wood stain – (cedar Paint – we can do like we did with the swing)
  wood varnish clear
  tap washer (NB let BG check size)
  10-15mm rope – 2mtrs (prefer hesian type rope)

Steps for Herb Garden

  1. Mark and drill pilot holes on the frame.
  2. Cut angles on leg side and round part on top side of frame.
  3. router edges of frame.
  4. fit slats and assemble frame.
  5. cut out points on the shelf slats
  6. Join shelf slats to small horizontal slats
  7. insert and attach bottom slats.
  8. attach slats to frame.
  9. cut and assemble back frame
  10. attach back frame to the front frame.
  11. stain
  12. carve out herb names with dremel tool 13. varnish 14. attach rope 15. put in Herbs

Download and Print the plan

Printable Herb Rack Plan

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