Fancy Clock

What you will need:

Tools Material list
GST 18 vli plus pls 300 guide 16mm supa wood
18 volt Cordless Drill driver  Back – 250mm x 500mm – 1 piece
PSR 10.8 Front top/door – 250mm x 250mm – 2 pieces
spray gun Top and bottom  100mm x 250mm – 2 pieces
Pex 220 sander sides 100mm x 468 mm – 2 pieces
PSM 18 volt sander foot piece 1 – 270mm x 172mm – 1 piece
Router foot piece 2 – 310mm x 212mm – 1 piece
PBD 40 drill press foot piece 3 – 350mm x 252mm – 1 piece
Dremel versatip to burn numbers in door knobs (small round type) 5 pieces
perspex jigsaw blade (I will bring) pesrpex 3mm (cut to size on shoot)
  ply wood 3mm 250 x 250mm – 1 piece
  flush hinges (or décor hinge) to fit 16mm supa wood – 2 pieces
  glass clips – NB flush type – 4 pieces
  clock mechanism
  thin décor chain – 1.5 mtr 
  small knob or weight to hang on end of chain – 3 pieces
  thin double sided tape
  wood filler (to match varnish) if painting then doesn’t matter on colour
  Paint or varnish ( we can decide on the day)

Steps for making your own Fancy Clock


  • Draw out and make pilot holes where sides fit onto front and back and top
  • Cut out hole for clock front with router and jig saw
  • Router edges for clock front
  • Router edges for foot piece
  • Assemble foot piece
  • Assemble all parts
  • Router all outer edges
  • Fill holes


  • Cut out shape on door
  • Cut perspex to fit
  • Sand and varnish/all parts

Clock face

  • Cut out clock face with router
  • Fit clock mechanism
  • Fit chain
  • Attach clock face
  • Put perspex into door and attach hinges
  • Fit the door to the cabinet

Download and Print the plan

 Plans for the Fancy Clock

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