Cake Stand

What you will need:

Tools Material list
GST 18 Jig saw 16mm Supa wood
18 volt Cordless Drill driver  Top – 400mm x 400mm – 1 piece
PSR 10.8 Legs 400 mm x 300mm – 2 pieces
spray gun Water based All purpose primer 
Pex 220 sander Water based paint 
PSM 18 volt sander qtr round 16mm
Router Shooter tray
Spray gun timber 20 – 40mm thick (preferably exotic type)
Drill press plus flat bit +/- 20mm , +/- 500mm long  x 200 wide – 1 piece
glue gun shooter glasses
  fancy tile or coaster max size 100 x 100mm – 1 piece
  Teak oil (red type)
  Wood glue

Steps for building a Cake Stand

  • Cake tray
    • Top – draw out shape and cut out.
    • Legs – draw out shape of legs
    • – mark out and draw where legs attach and cut out
    • – cut out shape
    • Router legs and table top
    • Mark where legs fit onto the table and attach legs underneath top with cleats Fit qtr rounds to legs Sand and paint
  • Shooter tray
    • Draw out handle shape and cut out
    • Mark and drill holes for glasses
    • Mark and rout out recess for coaster/tile Router all edges
    • Sand
    • Oil the board

Download and Print the plan

Cake stand printable plan

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