Bread Bin

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Space is often in demand in modern homes and sometimes we need to make sacrifices when choosing furniture, but the beauty of making a project yourself is that you can customize your own solution. The Get It Done team build a seat that doubles as a mobile storage unit. They also chat to an upholstery expert on how best to tackle the upholstery work.

You will need:

Tools Material list
JigSaw 20 mm Pine or meranti (something a bit more exotic would be nicer) NB cannot be warped – if warped we cannot use it
Router Bottom 430mm x 250mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)
PEX 300 sander (New one) Top  470mm x 200mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)
PSR 18 cordless drill driver Back 430mm x 160mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)
PSR 1080 Cordless drill driver (New one) Door – 427mm x 250 mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)
PFS Spray gun Sides 250 mm x 215mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long side)
Dremel tool or versatip (to decorate door) door knob – small – not higher than thicness of wood – 1 piece
Planer  6-8 mm dowel stick to match wood. – 1 piece (600-900mm or closest)
  Wood filler to match wood
  Teak oil (Red oill for darker wood or yellow for light wood) 
  Wood for pot holder (same as above) 1 piece 300 x 200
  wood glue


  1. Mark out and drill pilot holes for bottom, back and top
  2. Router top and bottom edges
  3. Assemble Top, back and bottom
  4. Cut shape in sides and router
  5. Mark out and drill holes for dowel stick hinge and stopper
  6. Mirror these holes on door
  7. Router door
  8. Assemble sides and door onto the rest of the cabinet
  9. Decorate door
  10. Sand and oil
  11. Attach handle

Bread Bin Plan