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Design U is the pre-eminent institution of higher learning for the design-challenged.  Through our rigorous training and education programs, Design U attempts to bring out the inner designer hidden deep inside those that show no signs of design life. 


Episode 1 – Sandra’s Bedroom

Carter and Sandra are on-air partners on a morning-drive-time radio show – which means early to bed and early to rise for both of them.  Carter is aware of how cranky his co- worker Sandra can be if she doesn’t get a good night’s rest.  So he is sending her to Design U so that she will transform her boring, utilitarian bedroom into a comfortable and luxurious place where she can get a much needed, uninterrupted sleep every night.


Episode 2 – Joanne’s Backyard

Christine thinks her sister Joanne is stylish and has a great love of the outdoors. So she can’t understand why Joanne’s backyard is in such horrible shape. Christine is hoping some time at Design U with Designer Ernst Hupel will help Joanne turn her backyard into an oasis.


Episode 3 – James’s Basement

James loves his games, especially his pride and joy – the pool table. But his girlfriend, Stephanie, doesn’t think much of the space where he keeps them – their basement.  James’s has left the space with unfinished walls, ugly industrial carpet, and no place to sit.  Most of his buddies don’t mind but Stephanie does and she’s had enough.  That’s why she is sending James to Design U and a date with designer Melanie Martin to see if he can change the space – if not himself!


Episode 4 – Julie’s Front Yard

Genevieve thinks her sister Julie, a graphic designer, has an interesting sense of design, but only when it comes to the interior of the house.  The exterior is the part that really needs help since it lacks any of Julie’s personality and design savvy.  Designer Ernst Hupel is the instructor who teaches Julie how to raise the curb appeal of her house so it will be as exciting and interesting on the outside as it is on the inside.


Episode 5 – Edith’s Backyard

Edith’s teenage daughter, Samuelle, is tired of the fact that they cannot use their disaster zone of a backyard.  A huge pile of rubble from the destruction of the old deck makes it look like a hurricane passed through recently.  Edith is more than willing to take a stab at fixing it, but she’s clueless about design when it comes to backyards.  Samuelle knows that their current style, “War Zone Chic” doesn’t cut it, so it’s Design U and Designer Ernst Hupel to the rescue!


Episode 6 – Allison’s Apartment

Allison is a third-year college student who has energy and enthusiasm and no clue how to channel that into a cool redesign for her bachelorette pad.  Her friend Carlene spends a lot of nights sleeping on the pull-out couch at Allison’s place, so she will definitely benefit from a nicely designed space.  Carlene enrolls Allison in a new course curriculum at Design U with Designer Melanie Martin so she’ll learn how to maximize her small space.


Episode 7 – Tracey’s Basement

Tracey is an urban planner, who can work wonders with the layout of a city.  However, when it comes to her basement, all that planning skill is no where to be found.  The basement pulls double duty as a family room and home office.  Her sister, Shelley, sends Tracey to Design U so Tracey can get her business organized and at the same time create a nice family room for everyone to enjoy.


Episode 8 – Pam’s Kitchen

Marie is a college student living with her older sister, Pam.  Pam has a nice little house, but the kitchen is a disaster.  Marie is a busy student and she just wants to get in and out of the kitchen without having to climb over people or furniture.  Pam heads to Design U with Designer Ernst Hupel to learn the finer points of kitchen layout.


Episode 9 – Stephen’s Guest Room

Kim is taking a dramatic step!  She is letting her husband Stephen redesign the guest room in their house.  She thinks he is creative and clever and but isn’t too sure about his designing abilities.  With a little guidance from Designer Melanie Martin at Design U, Stephen just might be able to prove to his wife that he is more than just a guy with a brain. 


Episode  10 – Nella’s Foyer

Nella and Shari are neighbours, constantly visiting each other.  This has given Shari numerous opportunities to examine Nella’s foyer.  For a space that is supposed to make a good impression on those who enter the house, Nella’s foyer makes no impression at all.  Very high ceilings, bare walls, and ugly light fixtures are the first things to greet visitors to Nella’s home.  It’s up to Design U Instructor Ernst Hupel to teach Nella how to make a big impact in an often-neglected space.


Episode 11 – Jillienne’s Living Room

Nancy loves her daughter Jillienne, but hates her daughter’s living room design.  While Nancy feels that the room has some nice features, it lacks any style.  The leopard print motif is a relic from Jillienne’s single days and doesn’t at all represent the woman she is now: married with a four-year-old son and a second child on the way.  Her mom would like nothing more than to see her daughter’s family come together at the end of each day in a relaxed and comfortable environment without the distraction and confusion of the current clutter.


Episode  12 – Bruno’s Daughters’ Bedroom

Maria sends her brother, Bruno, to Design U so he will pull his house out of its 1960s time warp and into the 21st century.  The newly-divorced dad is starting with the cramped bedroom his twin daughters share.  Designer Ernst Hupel gives him tips on putting together a space the kids can grow up with instead of grow out of.


Episode  13 – Michelle’s Living Room/Dining Room

Michelle is an event planner who often has to make quick decisions.  However, Radji, her husband, finds her to be indecisive when it’s time to design their home.  Even though they have been in the house for two years, Radji feels like they just moved in because they haven’t settled on one look for their open concept living room/dining room.  Michelle thinks Radji is just being too “particular.”  Radji thinks Michelle needs Design U.