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Tommy is a DIY action man-who-can, determined to train an army of raw recruits desperate to learn how to fix things properly and learn the basics.  Set in England, in a house which becomes Tommy’s DIY academy, each episode sees two different homeowners being shown the DIY ropes.  Full of tips, instructional animations and Tommy’s wisdom and bonhomie, it’s a must-watch series for anyone needing the confidence and the knowledge to do it themselves.

Episode 1 – Baldock

Tommy is helping homeowners Rob and Amanda to restore their old Victorian schoolhouse. Its cups of tea all round as Tommy starts building the new family bathroom.

Episode 2 – Baldock

Tommy Walsh, the original Mr Fix It of the building world, is picking up his toolbag and helping two new homeowners to convert their old Victorian schoolhouse into a family home.

Episode 3 – Baldock 3

No task is too big for master builder Tommy Walsh as he continues restoring a Victorian schoolhouse. Today he’s ripping out a redundant staircase and plastering the walls.

Episode 4 – Devon 4

Another day, another place, another DIY disaster to mend! Today Tommy meets the Wellington family – and their wonky self-built extension!

Episode 5 – Devon 5

The Wellington family’s wonky extension project is under control so today Tommy gets to grips with an ancient well – in the kitchen floor!

Episode 6 – Devon

We’re back in beautiful Devon as Tommy completes work on the Wellington’s extension. This week he joins forces with building colleague Will to lay a hardwood floor and add the finishing touches.

Episode 7 – Fitting a Kitchen

Fitting a kitchen is not everyone’s cup of tea, so watch and learn as Tommy shows how it’s done. Things are looking good as he fits the worktops and lays the terracotta floor tiles.

Episode 8 -Fitting a Kitchen

 With his toolkit in tow, Tommy goes beside the seaside at Weston Super Mare, ready to fit a flatpack kitchen. Preparation is the key, especially if the walls are wonky!

Episode 9 – Fitting a Kitchen

If you’re after the perfect kitchen, then Tommy’s expert help is just what you need. This week the kitchen is completed as Tommy adds the finishing touches with his wall tiling technique

Episode 10 – Shiplap

DIY dilemmas? Never fear – Tommy’s at hand! This week he travels to the Welsh border to transform a modern timber-clad house. But some jobs aren’t as simple as they seem…

Episode 11 – Shiplap

Tommy’s back at the Welsh border as he continues work on the timber-clad house. Today he’s building a stylish round patio.

Episode 12 – Summerhouse

Tools to the rescue, as Tommy Walsh works his magic on another project in need of his expert touch. Today he finishes off the deck and completes a most impressive timber summerhouse.

Episode 13 – Summerhouse

Tommy zooms up to York this week to transform a garden for summertime relaxation. He starts by knocking down an old garage and building the base for new decking and a stylish summerhouse.

Episode 14 – The Courtyard

There are more DIY antics on the way from our favourite builder! This week Tommy begins transforming a courtyard in front of a Georgian house.  This is no small job so he puts on his landscaping hat and starts digging!

Episode 15 – The Courtyard

Another week, another home, another satisfied customer. The courtyard is transformed as Tommy and fellow builder Alan redesign the steps and create a wooden arbour. All in a day’s work