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What happens when an optimistic DIY-er attempts to build an outdoor oasis without the proper skill and know-how? A disastrous deck and a call to resident deck expert, rock star designer and carpenter Paul Lafrance and his cutting edge crew rescue well-intentioned home owners, and help them rebuild their outdoor spaces and their pride in Disaster Decks. In each episode Paul is called in to assess the damage of a backyard DIY project gone wrong. Paul gives each deck a prescription for salvation, and then he and his crew get these outdoor spaces back on track. From demolition to rebuild Paul puts each homeowner to work, doling out instruction paired with his signature sense of humour.

Episode 1 – The Deck Jessica Hates

Jessica and Gabe bought a house 3 years ago that has a large yard, but the deck that came with the house is literally disintegrating. Jessica is 8 1/2 months pregnant, so Gabe urgently needs to baby-proof the deck. Gabe’s patchwork.

Episode 2 – The Deck Cristina Hates

Anthony and Cristina have an awesome backyard swimming pool that they can’t see from their aging overgrown deck. Anthony grew up on a farm but never acquired any carpentry skills, and he’s clueless when it comes to fixing decks….

Episode 3 – The Deck Stephanie Hates

Matt and Stephanie have a 7-month-old baby and want to enjoy the summer outdoors with their little one. But their unsafe, rotting deck is keeping them trapped indoors. Matt has all the tools to fix the deck but none of the know-how, so Paul must..

Episode 4 – The Deck Shirley Hates

‘Chef’ Paul built his wife Shirley a makeshift deck 10 years ago, but he used cheap materials and the deck is ready for a complete teardown. Shirley is usually the one wearing the tool belt in this family, but wants her husband to fix…

Episode 5 – The Deck Michelle Hates

Michelle and Courtney have 4 lively kids, but their postage stamp sized deck can’t fit a table on it big enough for the whole family. Courtney manages to charm his way out of expanding the deck properly, and Michelle’s just about given..

Episode 6 – The Deck Lisa Hates

Jeremy and Lisa are remodelling their lakeside cottage into their dream house, but the bland, boring deck that’s currently in their backyard is preventing that dream from becoming a reality. Jeremy is the star drummer for alt-rockers..

Episode 7 – The Deck Fatima Hates

Fatima has been asking David to build them a new deck for the last 20 years, but he manages to talk his way out of doing any real work. Tired of David’s procrastination and stopgap fixes, Fatima calls Paul to come in and kick-start…

Episode 8 – The Deck Tanya Hates

Matt and Tanya have lived through years of renovations on their house, but the DIY deck Matt built as a gift for Tanya is a disaster waiting to happen. Matt put it up over a weekend with a few buddies, and let’s just say they might have been…

Episode 9 – The Deck Pam Hates

Don and Pam are close to retiring and want to be able to enjoy the next 20 years together in their beautiful backyard. But their 25-year-old deck is so unsafe it needs a complete teardown and rebuild. Don is completely intimidated by even the…

Episode 10 – The Deck Brenda Hates

Brenda and Scott run a prop building business out of their home, and the noisy work often spills onto their deck outdoors. Brenda is desperate for a quiet backyard retreat, and wants Scott to fix up the temporary deck he built in an afternoon..