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DESIGN SUPERHEROES is a six-part series that takes an in-depth look into the wide-ranging impact that Design makes in everyday life. While Design alone wouldn’t ‘save the world’, it can certainly solve problems, enhance life and even create new opportunities and possibilities.

Episode 1 – Design at Work

In this first episode of Design Superheroes, three design trailblazers have their work cut out for them. They are out to beat workday blues with better designs for the office through transforming space, reinventing data presentation, and changing the way the office gets its electricity

Episode 2 – Design for Fun

In the second episode of Design Superheroes, three designers make it their passion to change the way you take pleasure in everyday objects and places. An MRT commute suddenly becomes more than just that, a simple park goes through a transformation, and a back-to-basics toy takes over the world.

Episode 3 – Design for Living

In this third episode of Design Superheroes, the search is on to create better living through design. A furniture designer sets out to inject freshness into everyday objects, an architect works at turning a transient space into a place to remember, while two landscape architects reshape a terrain with the help of Mother Nature.

Episode 4 – Design to Shop

The fourth episode of Design Superheroes takes us shopping! Three designers transforms the retail experience with a bookstore inspired by gardens, a Christmas experience that pays homage to Warhol, and a shop dripping with chocolate.

Episode 5 – Design Eco

The fourth episode of Design Superheroes is on a mission to change the world. Four architects seek to make a difference to the delicate the eco system with a bridge inspired by organic forms, an art school with green features, and a forest walkway that lets you get up close to nature.

Episode 6 – Design International

Whether it’s made in Singapore, made for Singapore or made by Singapore, in this episode find out how the little red dot inspires a whole new design culture. Find about Singapore-style architecture (does it exists?), a lighting masterplan that helps the world look at the island city in a whole different light and a table that has put the nation right on the world design map.