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Real stakes.  Real style.

Design Inc., tears back the curtain on the exciting, high stakes world of interior design. As Sarah Richardson and team jump hurdles to create stylish, livable spaces we share each high and low moment along the way. As in life, design inc. has no script!  

Episode 1 – Anne Marie’s Nursery

Anne Marie is a television news anchor who’s very pregnant with triplets. She has two small rooms for three babies but only one game plan, to call Sarah Richardson and design inc. for help right away. As the stork could arrive at any moment Sarah creates a gender-neutral nursery to provide serenity and calm for mom, dad and their new expanded family. This design has every chance of becoming the top story!

Episode 2 – Adrienne’s Master Suite

Adrienne’s got problems: a big, boring master bedroom and an ensuite bathroom that doesn’t work. So she’s asked Sarah Richardson and design inc. to infuse these bland spaces with charm and character. In her mind’s eye Sarah sees a luxurious retreat with a gracious British flare that recalls the London they left less than a year ago. Adrienne is a perfectionist, which could impact the stakes and the bottom line for the entire project! 

Episode 3 – Marjorie’s Living Room

When Marjorie and Deborah approved the plans for their new home, they didn’t plan on how ugly the fireplace would be in their living room.  It’s big, it’s intrusive, and it’s not working. The solution to this flaw lies in the expertise of Sarah Richardson and design inc. But resolving the fireplace issue leads to a hotter issue, the entire floor plan of the room needs a major rethink!

Episode 4 –   Luci’s Dining Room

The paper window coverings in the dining room are a dead giveaway that she needs help bad.  Since this is the first room seen entering the home Luci thinks it should make a statement.  The challenge for Sarah Richardson and design inc. is giving this room presence without overpowering the rest of house. How can a room opens to the rest of the main floor become the jewel of this palace?

Episode 5 – Design Inc. Office

This time it’s personal! Sarah Richardson’s newest client is her own design firm.  The entire team is mobile while the office comes together; a gypsy work ethos that has been tough on everyone. This creative group of individuals, each with their own wishes, need to transform this shell into an environment at once inspirational, functional, and chic. How will this disparate collection of artistic minds land on one cohesive vision? 

Episode 6 – Carolyn’s Living Room

Carolyn is a busy mom, a wife, and doctor, with a renovated living room crying out for kid-friendly style. As Sarah Richardson and design inc. coax Carolyn out of her comfort zone, her husband eagerly embraces each and every new idea. Distracted by work Carolyn places all design decisions in her husband’s lap. Will the results be a pleasant surprise?

Episode 7 – The Carlu

Sarah Richardson and design inc. take on two small dining rooms in an historical events venue, the remaining spaces stripped bare of their original Art Deco luster. Sarah recaptures their glory while making them work for today. What doesn’t help is that the venue continues to service events booked months in advance!

Episode 8 –  Darryl’s Laundry

With triplets on the way, new father Darryl needs order for a chore that’s about to get much larger. Sarah Richardson and Design Inc. transform a cramped and cluttered laundry room into a stylish, functional space for this about to be frazzled dad.  We’ll make sure he’s got it under control!

Episode 9 – The Blue Room

Sarah Richardson and the design inc. team lend a hand. A standard issue hotel room becomes wears the colour blue to raise awareness for prostate cancer. While total design control rests in Sarah’s capable hands the budget left the building long before the project even began. A “glass is half full” approach drums up donations and fabulous finds to create a slick, stylish monochromatic delight!

Episode 10 – Shelagh’s Bath

Renovating a bathroom can be tricky at the best of times. When that bathroom is on an island it ups the stakes considerably. In addition to keeping it cheap and cheerful Sarah Richardson and design inc. must let an erratic ferry schedule dictate each and every delivery and deadline. Will this beach themed retreat be met by choppy waters?

Episode 11 – Patsy’s Kitchen

Patsy loves white. Her husband is so-so. And she’s after a totally white kitchen in spite of her two toddlers and large, sloppy dog. Sarah Richardson and design inc. mitigate the family madness while shoehorning in tons of storage, a monster island and a huge retro fridge that must stay put. Will Sarah meet this seemingly impractical, sticky finger challenge?

Episode 12 – Ingrid’s Penthouse

An actor who loves the spotlight, Ingrid wants her new sky pad to reflect a glam lifestyle. Sarah Richardson and design inc. are enlisted to take this 45th floor project to new heights. However, Ingrid and her husband don’t have possession yet, there’s a very strict condo board and only one month to create the high life Ingrid’s after. Will more than the view leave everyone breathless before hammer hits nail? 

Episode 13 – Matthew’s Kitchen

An architect whose work is admired by many, Matthew’s biggest challenge has become his pint-sized kitchen.  It needs a complete overhaul, and he’s called Sarah Richardson and design inc. to make it make sense. The drawings are done and a minimalist direction chosen. Yet ancient appliances, a school-days storage locker and a sloping roofline contrast the cool, crisp lines Matthew’s after. Whose design vision will prevail?