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Join Pilani Bubu on Design For You, a brand new show where you can draw home decor and design inspiration from some of South Africa’s top interior designers. Whether we live in a mansion or a bachelor pad, we all plan and decorate the interior of our homes the way we know best. But we could always do with a bit of help from the experts.  So if you need assistance with figuring out the best place to put your couch or need a little help in creating design features in your home that best suit your space, then this show is for you

Episode 1

This week on Design For You, we are talking space. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large freestanding house, we show you how to maximise the space you have. Our design maker of the day, David Krynauw, shows off his quirky and unconventional furniture collection and then we chat to our featured guest, Claire Clarke of By Dezign interiors about creating an appropriate interior in the space you have. We also make a stop at a lovely residence designed by Karen Richards of K Interiors and she shows us how we can create harmony throughout our home.

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Episode 2

This week on Design For You, we take a look at some basic interior design styles. Our design makers of the day, Siyanda and Sakhile of Pate Arts & Crafts show us some up cycled wooden furniture and talk to us about their design process. Our featured guest is
Michael Harrison of Head Interiors and he helps us understand some basic design styles. Then interior designer Andrew Mackenzie gives a bedroom a modern country twist and we learn what eclectic means as he redecorates a lounge space.

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Episode 3

This week on Design For You, we explore colour in all it’s complementary, contrasting and muted forms. Karen Richards of K Interiors will be helping us explore the use of colour whether it be a splash or a spread. We go behind the scenes of the Design Team factory and see how their colourful printed fabrics are made. Then Elisha Annandale of Décor Identity shows us a home in which she uses pops of colour and Donald Nxumalo shows us an all pink apartment design.

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Episode 4

This week on Design For You, we delve into accessorising and adding detail to your home. Our featured guest is interior designer and decor journalist Kelly Adami and she talks to us about the best way of adding life to your home by using accessories. Our design makers are talented crafters from all around the country who came together at this years’ Design Joburg. Then interior designer Andrew Mackenzie transforms a living space using accessories inspired by nature.

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Episode 5

This week on Design For You, we talk about adding visual interest to our homes with texture and pattern. Our featured guest is interior designer Donald Nxumalo and he talks to us about how to best apply texture and pattern in our homes. We pay a visit to Mpho Vackier of The Urbanative who shows us her exquisite furniture designs inspired by Ndebele patterns. Then interior designer Jonathan Avnon takes us through a nature inspired home and talks to us about the various elements he used to create this calm interior.

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Episode 6

This week on Design For You, we look at how we can make our homes more relaxing and serene. Our featured guest is interior designer Nthabi Taukobong of Ditau Interiors and she talks to us about ways of making our homes really feel like home. We give you our top three items to make your home more comfortable and then Claire Clarke of By Dezign interiors takes us through a gorgeous, ocean inspired home.

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Episode 7

This week on Design For You, we look at designing rooms for children. Matsela Moshokoa of Diaro Living takes us through a boys and a girl’s room as we get a few tips in creating a space that will make both child and parent happy. Our design makers Bunny and Clyde showcase their handmade wooden furniture and Mariëtte Sakelliou of Little Interiors shows us various children’s rooms, from a gender neutral nursery to a pre-teen girl’s room.

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Episode 8

In this episode, we look at creating focal points. Interior designer Tessa Proudfoot shows us how we can create points of interest in the home. Lighting specialist Rodney Fittinghoff shows us how a piece of lighting can become a focal point and we visit the home of veteran interior designer Sharon Nicolaci as she takes us through the focal points in her home.

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Episode 9

In this episode it’s all about lighting. Lighting plays a bigger role in our homes than we think. First, lighting guru Stephen Pikus shows us how he creates stunning lighting fixtures from recycled material. We spend the day with Derrick Tabbert of Tabbert Interior Consultants and he shows us how we should be lighting up the rooms in our homes. Then Colette Angelucci of Colette Living gives us more lighting tips and possibilities.

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Episode 10

In this episode we look at using nature inspired elements in the home. Our guest is Julia Day of Generation Design who takes us through a home designed using only natural features. Our design makers, High Thorn, show us their exquisite hand made, sustainable chandeliers. Nthabi Taukobong of Ditau Interiors shows us her organic man cave from this year’s Design Joburg event and we also take a look at a beautiful self-designed interior by seasoned cake decorator, Ray Esmany.

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Episode 11

In this episode we look at adorning your home with statement pieces and unique buys. Our guest is interior decorator and blogger, Belinda Fourie who takes us through her unique and homely home. Our design makers Coote & Wench give us a taste of their antique and repurposed items. Then designer and artist, Lisa Swart of Oksijen, shows us what it means to have a home that is one of a kind.


Episode 12

In this episode we look at how to make your home a better place to entertain your guests. Our featured guest is Noks Dlamini-Nxumalo of Hush Interiors who takes us through various entertainment areas in a home. Our design makers Nicolson Russell, manufacturers of designer cutlery, give us a practical demonstration on creating the perfect table setting. We also see a dinner party themed interior created by Kelly Adami of Copperleaf Studio at this year’s Design Joburg.


Episode 13

In this episode we zoom in on modern styled interiors. Interior Designer, Kim Hutton takes us through an apartment he’s designed and breaks down the idea of a modern home. Our design makers are Tonic Design with their clean and sophisticated furniture pieces. Then Matsela Moshokoa of Diaro Living introduces us to her idea of a modern eclectic.