Design For You S7

Join Pilani Bubu on Design For You, a brand new show where you can draw home decor and design inspiration from some of South Africa’s top interior designers. Whether we live in a mansion or a bachelor pad, we all plan and decorate the interior of our homes the way we know best. But we could always do with a bit of help from the experts.  So if you need assistance with figuring out the best place to put your couch or need a little help in creating design features in your home that best suit your space, then this show is for you.

Episode 1

It’s an all-new season of Design for You and this week we explore a beautiful family home with a neutral colour palette and a splash of yellow tones – all brought together by interior designer Donald Nxumalo. Then, crotchet company Rosa Handmade in SA shows us their vibrant decorative pieces, which are created using recycled waste fabric from the local clothing industry. And, Nadine Vosloo of Tjhoko Paint shows us how easy it can be to transform a living room.

Episode 2

In this week’s episode, we’re going back to the basics.

This week on Design for You, two contrasting styles are brought together in a gorgeous home by Sophie Kelly of Sophistique Interiors. Then, we bring the old into the new with Larushka of Re- Trend. She chats to us about how she restores retro and mid-century modern furniture. And, Odette Löhrke of Nowadays Interiors talks us through how she brought a once bland interior to life using colour and wallpaper.

Episode 3

This week on Design for You we explore an industrial style home with Janes Botha of Black Canvas. This home is packed with character and features unique bespoke detailing. Then, Nadia Cerva of Iron Banister proves that the art of “smithing” is alive and thriving with her steel masterpieces. And, Nadine Vosloo of Tjhoko Paint shows us how she transformed a nursery by adding some whimsical touches and a little bit of paint.

Episode 4

We’re in a tranquil home with a grey colour palette that has been layered with bold choices of pattern and gallery walls showcasing unique art pieces – all brought together harmoniously by Karien Alberts of Contemporary K. Then, Houtlander takes us on a journey by describing what goes into manufacturing their timeless furniture pieces. And, Devilliers du Toit Architect’s talks us through a cozy and stylish interior meant to accommodate and aid the needs of the elderly.

Episode 5

Dylan Olivier of House of Gargoyle used colour fearlessly in a glamorous contemporary home, featured this week on Design for You. We’ll be chatting to him about what inspired his daring choices seen in the interior. Then, Rial Visagie of Rialheim talks to us about how they use African soil, water and fire to create authentic ceramics.  And, Claire Bond gives us insight into Universal Paints newest colour palettes.

Episode 6

This week on Design for You we explore a modern, sleek and sophisticated home with aesthetically pleasing accents, done by Lee-ann Bell of Mezzanine Interiors. Then, design maker Haldane Martin tells us how he’s married style and functionality in his latest outdoor furniture collection. And, Stefan du Toit of Dessiner Interior Architectural talks us through how he’s fused Middle Eastern features with Scandinavian inspired elements in a masterfully curated interior. 

Episode 7

An intimate restaurant space designed to encourage conversation and good vibes – with retro and minimalist décor is what we’ll be looking at this week on Design for You. Then, Nadine Vosloo shows us that putting together a charming dining setting fit for any special occasion can be both easy and cost effective. And, Heather Boting chats to us about how she’s added a new dynamic to an otherwise calm interior.

Episode 8

This week on Design for You, we take a look at a modern contemporary home with grand architecture and an appreciation of the beautiful surrounding mountain views, which can be seen from most rooms in the home. And, we chat to the home owner about her hand in the interior design of her home making it the perfect sanctuary for herself and her family. Then, Fabrikaat workshop shows us how they transform wood and steel to become simple and sophisticated interior pieces. And, Candice Neerings talks us through how she’s blended Industrial and Scandinavian styles to create a relaxed atmosphere in a modern apartment.

Episode 9

This week on Design for You, Nieuwoudt Architects takes us on a journey of how they’ve transformed a modern contemporary home into an organic and comfortable space. Then Julia Day talks us through a carefully curated interior accented with notes of luxury. And, we take a peek into a personal project by Dylan Olivier where he’s combined art pieces from all over the world and celebrated colour to create an authentic eclectic interior.

Episode 10

Downsizing has become more popular for a variety of reasons. Some including: energy efficiency, low maintenance and overall uniqueness. This week on Design for You we explore modern compact living. This home is nothing short of being entirely unique – with its 104m2 floor space. The interior features a monochromatic colour palette making the home both stylish and chic.  Then, Sicelo of Sicelo Interior Design talks us through how he creates art pieces that serve as a focal feature in a home. And, Nowadays Interiors shows us a beautiful home with a beach house exterior and an interior that perfectly embodies South African contemporary style.

Episode 11

Serene surrounding views, well appreciated by the architecture of this Highveld vernacular home – is what to expect this week on Design for You. We sit down with Francois van Wyk of Studious Architects who talks us through the thought behind the design. Then, Native décor chats to us about their refined home décor made using sustainable timber. And, Sumari Krige showcases a gorgeous interior with a warm colour palette paired with spectacular light fixtures.

Episode 12

This week on Design for you, we take a look at a lovely indoor – outdoor entertainment area that is split into individual smaller spaces; but manages to co-exist seamlessly. Then, our design maker of the week, artist Danisile Njoli, gives insight into his slightly abstract portraits that are inspired by women and the pressing issues surrounding gender inequality. And, Nadine Vosloo takes us back to basics, as she demonstrates the best way to freshen up a wall using paint; and takes it one step further by showing us how to create a wall feature that serves as the perfect addition to any room.

Episode 13

There are so many rich cultures in South Africa and this week on Design for You we celebrate that through taking a look at unique architecture and Afrocentric interior design. Greg Katz of Gregory Katz architecture takes us through the first of many inner city developments, which features an eye-catching Shwe Shwe design on the façade of the building. Then, textile company Lulasclan rooted in celebrating African aesthetics, tells us why and shows us how through their bespoke creations. And, Signature room showcases a modern apartment with Ndebele inspired accessories.