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We all admire a standout interior, whether it’s a super-cool designer store, a stylish home, or an ultra trendy new nightclub. But where do they get all those one-of-a-kind objects?

Meet Sarah Brunner and Paul Liengaard—they’re the Design Dealers who scour the back roads of Britain in search of unique objects they can rescue, refurbish, and resell. This dynamic duo will go just about anywhere to find design gems that will furnish the most stylish interiors in the country.

Episode 1: Flotsam, Jetsam & Joss Stone

Soul singer Joss Stone wants a quirky pagoda for her lush country garden. When the Goring Hotel calls, the search is on for gear that will turn a posh London courtyard into a Caribbean hideaway. At an old manor house, Paul unearths a famous rock star’s demo reels. A collector’s museum never got off the ground but he’s got plenty of mantiques to sell.

Episode 2: Rich Pickings

Paul and Sarah pull out all the stops to find a vintage circus showpiece for a well-heeled collector’s stately home. When a Brighton boutique hotel calls with a special request, the hunt for an eye-catching object leads to a gargantuan architectural warehouse.

Episode 3: Stag Hunt

The stakes are high when London designer David Carter gives Paul and Sarah just one week to hunt down some eclectic, hard-to-find pieces. With the upcoming launch of a men’s knitwear company, the search is on for authentic industrial furnishings that will set the stage for a knockout photo shoot.

Episode 4: The Irish Job

Irish TV personality Diarmuid Gavin wants retro hanging bubble chairs that are so rare he’s never actually seen any in the country. Dublin’s oldest department store wants a unique display feature. A 17th century castle-turned-tourist attraction yields a few rare gems. Paul comes up with a winning strategy to make off with a moose head. Full of iconic pieces, an antiques shop is closing its doors for good.

Episode 5: Fortune Teller

One of London’s most stylish department stores is looking for vintage fairground items for its iconic window displays but satisfying the client proves more difficult than expected. Paul and Sarah take a radical risk to fulfill an extreme commission for a home in Wales. With a barn full of curiosities for sale, the duo visits a stately home in Herefordshire.

Episode 6: Castle Cannon

London retailer Topshop is looking for chic medical items to use as display props in the store. Entrepreneurs Terry and Michael have spent years restoring Carr Hall Castle and now want to top it off with a hefty cannon and a grand garden ornament. Paul drives a hard bargain at an architectural antiques yard, and then takes a risk by bidding on a cannon sight unseen.

Episode 7: Brighton Calling

At a famous Victorian fairground, Paul makes an offer on a giant fiberglass rabbit. When a Brighton theme hotel calls with a creative commission, the search is on for an old scooter and half a dozen parkas. An avid collector of British iconography, one of Britain’s richest men is looking for a classic red phone booth to turn into a poolside shower. Sarah uncovers the mother lode of taxidermy.

Episode 8: Carry On Glamping

With their sideline glamping business, a couple of dairy farmers are looking to spice up one of their deluxe camping tents. Paul proves his steely negotiating mettle. Farmer Pat loves to collect but isn’t keen on selling. A trendy Soho shop with pop star backing is looking for a massive armoire. An antiques repository proves to be a one-stop shopping bonanza. Sarah tackles a massive sewing project.