Design a Garden – Season 8

Design-a-Garden is back on The Home Channel to help you create the fabulous and unique garden you want.  Each week, presenter Melanie Walker works with top landscape designers to find practical and innovative ways to adapt their design philosophies to your own garden.  Full of beautiful ideas, details about what plants to use and how, Melanie and her team will show you how to create your perfect garden design, from start to finish.

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Mark Blackburn shows Melanie a formal and very structured garden that is still full of whimsy and surprise.  Mark explains how to use tones of a single colour to create harmony, how hard landscaping can create depth and interest and the importance of balance and symmetry in a formal garden.

View the plant list and design here

Episode 2 – Deconstructed Jurassic garden

Landscape designer, Michael Rickoff, has created an asymmetrical and unique grand entrance to a home and shows Melanie how to use different plants and hard landscaping to create subtle lines and flowing elements that let the entrance stand out whilst still blending seamlessly with the rest of the garden.

View the plant list and design here

Episode 3 – BAMBOOZLED

This is a modern garden with a decidedly oriental flavour.  Find out how to bring the east into your garden with minimal fuss, clever use of small plants, finding the balance between chaos and clean lines and get the best advice on what plants and décor elements you can use to re-create a calming, easy space to enjoy.

View the plant list and design here


4 rooms, 3 levels, 2 water-features – and just 1 garden. Today, we take an angle on a formal garden created by a team of landscape design students that has structure – without being strict, and unity – without being uniform.

Rose Garden details here

Episode 5 – BOMA GARDEN

A bushveld garden in Northcliff boasts impressive Bomas and forest that are designed to provide shade. Landscape designer, Ruth creates her own version of a Boma garden.

Have a look at Ruth’s version of a Boma Garden


Today, we discover that local really is lekker in a formal garden that is full of indigenous plants from all over South Africa.  There are cool tones, strict symmetry and some design surprises in a garden that will inspire you to make the most of your backyard.

Create less chaos here


Water everywhere and lots of water plants too! Today, we visit a tranquil garden inspired by the East and discover a space that flows with ease around a design that lets you feel quiet and secluded.

Tranquil Garden

Episode 8 – ROSE GARDEN

A Rose is a unique flower that one is certain to find in most gardens. The scents, the colour, the alluring shape lend the rose to be a perfect design element. Anja Taschner from Ludwig’s rose’s gives insight into this iconic flower creates a beautiful romantic Rose Garden.

Rose Garden Design details here

Episode 9 – COURTYARD

Barbara de Leeuw Morrison shares her inspiration of her courtyard garden by showing three courtyard gardens  that are perfect for any size garden. And she designs yet another unique Courtyard garden

Courtyard Garden / Patio Garden Plants List and Layout here


A garden doesn’t need lawn to be green, as we keep it contained in a garden that’s gone to pots, literally.  There are plants in beds, hanging plants, plants in pots, and delightful décor that creates a garden for any space.

Design Layout and Tips available here

Episode 11 – ALOES GARDEN

Landscape designer, Bernadine Drath is inspired by the Walter Sisulu garden which boasts a variety of species. She shows us how one can use succulents to design a garden perfect for any home

A succulent garden indeed


Who said gardening can only be done on ground? We visit a Johannesburg Hotel with a vertical garden. Then Landscape designer, Michael Rickhoff  shows us how to create our own vertical organic garden.

Details on how to create a vertical organic garden

Episode 13 – CYCAD GARDEN

In this episode: we explore the mythical Cycad, a very ancient plant species that has been around since the time of the dinosaur.

Today Suzette Madden looks at Cycads.