Tommy Walsh’s Eco House

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For presenter Tommy Walsh this is a challenge of enormous proportions. To  build a house for £60,000 in 60 days. The question is not can it be done, but can it look exciting, can it have beautiful proportions and aesthetics, can it look like a £600,000 house.

The design of the house should be contemporary, light and airy and as open plan as possible, with exposed steel, concrete, wood and original finishes requiring little decoration. The aesthetic appeal of the proportions of the house is hopefully one of the aspects that won’t entail additional costs but will give the building a huge desirability factor. It might be the case that these proportions take their starting point from windows or glass available at a reasonable cost.

Episode 1

Tommy and his team get to grips with their latest challenge – to build a home in 60 days for less than £60k and make eco-smart living the next step in affordable homes.

Episode 2

Tommy and the team start installing the water harvesting drainage system, which collects rainwater to use in the toilets, washing machine and dishwasher.

Episode 3

When the block and beam floor doesn’t arrive Tommy’s on the warpath. But can the team come up with a solution so the brickies can get wall building?

Episode 4

A damp proof membrane is being laid to prevent heat loss from the eco-house. And Tommy is using thermal blocks rather than concrete, increasing the house’s thermal efficiency.

Episode 5

The joists to create the first floor are going in, along with the timber frame that’ll form the roof. And, Tommy and the boys take the donut eating, non-lip-licking challenge.

Episode 6

The polyurethane wall insulation is going in, so the house will soon be wrapped up nice and snug. And there’s also talk of installing the nogs.

Episode 7

It’s time for the roof slates and solar panels on Tommy’s £60k eco-build. And, to the team’s delight, they find out the house will be the most energy efficient on the Fens.

Episode 8

The eco-house is really starting to take shape as the exterior cladding goes on. And the under-floor heating goes down, which will hopefully heat the whole house.

Episode 9

The rooms are being boarded out in preparation for plastering. And Tommy has introduced another eco-friendly measure by buying a special water tank.

Episode 10

The deadline is looming, will Tommy and team finish in time. There’s still a lot to do: fitting the staircase, tiling, electric and plumbing. It’s going to go down to the wire.