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Best Houses Australia brings to life the heart and soul of everything house and home.  Join Gary Takle, Bessie Kay and some of Australia’s keenest home enthusiasts with an all access pass into some of the most exciting and visually stunning houses in Australia.  From sprawling country estates to urban homes in compact spaces, viewers of Best Houses Australia get an up-close look inside some of the most inspiring dwellings around, while in-depth interviews allow them to meet the owners and professionals who have created them.  Whether you have a small budget or money is of no concern, this series has something for everyone.

26 July – 01 Aug: Episode 7

In this episode Gary experiences Gold Coast living at it’s best, we see a beach house in San Remo with a-class views and check out an home in Gladstone that stays cool all year without the energy bills.

Episode 8

In this episode Josh checks out some later living luxury in Queensland, we see a cool new development in one of Melbourne’s hottest locations and we head to Mackay to see a modern house with a gorgeous tropical view.

Episode 9

In this episode we head to the Victorian fishing village of Portland to see a cute hampton’s inspired house, Josh heads to the Sunshine Coast to experience a vibrant community and we see some developments that are pushing the boundaries of modern architecture.

Episode 10

In this episode we see the showroom reveal of a landmark Melbourne development, we see a project in Richmond with some heavy hitting collaborators, see a hot property in Richmond and a beautifully styled residence in Brighton, Melbourne.

Episode 11

This week, Gary Takle explores a house that has embraced the theme of ‘rustic-industrial’, finds out how wallpaper is back better than ever, visits an architecturally designed multi-residential with soul and Bessie goes inside one of the freshest and cleanest modern designs we’ve ever seen.

Episode 12

This week we showcase some of Australia’s most modern architecture. In Sydney Clarendon Homes shows us a design that utilises both indoor & outdoor spaces, in Queensland we are taken through an Italian inspired home. In South Australia we check out an ultra sleek kitchen & to finish off we take to the Gold Coast under the beautiful Queensland sun.

Episode 13

This week we start off with a fresh, Hamptons inspired design in New South Wales. A Tuscan style home in regional Victoria will be showcased, before we show off the benefits of living close to Melbourne’s CBD. We will check out a water themed home in Sydney’s north, with very unique aquatic features.

Episode 14

This week we check out a beautiful Melbourne home that has sleek modern design.  We take a peek into a New South Wales home that is perfect for independent living. We explore a vibrant home in the Hunter region, filled with colour & art.  Gary gets access into a Melbourne home with innovative tech features.

Episode 15

This week we take a look at a country home with amazing views, followed by a home with a fresh modern design. We then take a look at a home that uses texture as its theme & then we finish off taking you through a luxury abode.

Episode 16

In this episode, we see a luxury family home on the coast near Cronulla, a house that makes a bold statement and a very well designed house that takes full advantage of the Queensland climate and lifestyle.

Episode 17

In this episode it’s all about building with steel. We look at four very different homes, but all have steel at their core. Including a house mixing recycled materials with a steel frame, a stylish family home in Queensland and a some great minds collide to pull off one of the trickiest builds we’ve seen.

Episode 18

In this episode we see a house with country style grandeur, a house inspired by mid-century Californian design in Perth and a renovation in Townsville with interiors to die for.

Episode 19

In this episode we visit a new build in Cardigan in regional Victoria, A boutique apartment in the heart of Brisbane and get some hot tips on interiors from the pros.

Episode 20

Later Living. In this special episode we look at what’s new and happening in retirement developments. Retire in style and a short stroll away from a good coffee at this luxurious inner-city retirement village in Carlton, Melbourne. We check out some funky bright interiors in an eco friendly town house in Brisbane and get the low down on an award winning community where the living is easy.