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Our never ending desire for all things new has filled our homes to bursting point and saddled us with the greatest national debt since records began.But do we really need all this stuff? Shouldn’t we and couldn’t we be happier with a much simpler, pared down life?Every episode of Gutted begins by giving one unsuspecting hoarder the fright of their lives. Nominated by their family (who are in on the game), they return home, put their key in the door and walk in to discover that EVERYTHING they own has gone. All that remains are the white walls of their house and our presenter, sat patiently waiting to explain what’s going on.It’s a life changing experience. Ever been Gutted?

Episode 1 – David Limberg

David Limberg is a forty year old who never really grew up. Having spent a lifetime acquiring, and more than £30,000 housing, one of the country’s biggest sci-fi collections, mum and dad Henry and Janet are determined to help their man-child to finally enter the real-world.

Episode 2 – Hasina Zuberi

Jamaican grandmother Hasina Zuberi has a dream: to leave damp and drizzly England and return to her homeland. And so far she’s collected everything she could possibly need for her new life, except the Jamaican house in which to put it. Daughters Khaleema and Tatiana are determined to put their misguided mum back on track.

Episode 3 – DJ Bear

41 year old Lee Guest aka DJ Bear just loves collecting. From thousands of vinyl records to a room full of sci-fi toys, Bear just can’t get enough. The problem is, he stores it all at his parents’ house. Mum and dad Ray and Sheila have had enough and girlfriend Sue is determined to help Bear relieve his parents of his hoard.

Episode 4 – Sue Kapratsis

Sue Kapratsis is drowning under the weight of her collections. A decade of charity shop scrounging has left her home buried in knick knacks, trinkets and ornaments, making even the simplest of tasks a struggle. Best mate Kirsty thinks the Gutted team could be Sue’s best hope of salvation.

Episode 5 – Mike & Pam Terry

Mike Terry just loves the theatre; in fact he loves it so much that along with wife Pam, he’s spent years creating a costume collection that wows Mr Lloyd-Webber himself. Mike and Pam now need to downsize but with a memory connected to every item can daughter Fiona convince them that the time is right?

Episode 6 – Claire Barber

Mum of two Claire Barber is memento mad. Be it holiday tat, or a keepsake from a loved one, she simply cannot bear to throw anything away. But with a house groaning under the weight of all those memories, best friend Christy is determined to help Claire stop living in the past.

Episode 7 – Colin Craig

Chef Colin Craig has a big obsession with Minis. He’s got the toys, he’s got the posters and he’s even got his very own Mini Cooper. The problem is Colin doesn’t actually drive his Mini. As with all his other collectibles, it sits gathering dust. Now sister Ruth wants to convince Colin to have a clear out so he can realise his dream of a trip to America.

Episode 8 – Carol Patten

Carol Pattern lives in the 1950s. She wears the clothes, she listens to the music and she collects anything (italics) to do with the era. But her collecting doesn’t stop there, it extends to literally anything and everything that she can get her hands on and niece Vikki is determined that it has to stop.

Episode 9 – Alan & Marcia Hicken

Alan Hicken is the consummate collector; even having his own TV and Radio museum isn’t enough. So with his home now bulging with everything from comic annuals to rusty radios, wife Marcia has had enough. But will Alan be able to wave goodbye to his cherished collections?