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Having couples agree on the look and style of a room can be an impossible task. But for designer Chayse Dacoda, she has found an easy way to get to the heart of the matter. Chayse asks couples to each take a “Design Taste Test”, after reviewing their answers and coming up with a plan, based on their personal tastes, she is able to bring harmony to their space with inspiring and beautiful rooms.



Episode 1 – 2+2=1?

Can two rooms and two cultures become one unified design?

Episode 2 – Casually Formal Living Room

A couple can’t agree on a living room design.

Episode 3 – Downtown Bed And Breakfast Bedroom

A couple needs to decide on a bedroom design.

Episode 4 – Beachy, Woodsy Sanctuary

A couple can’t agree on a living room design.

Episode 5 – Room for Two

It’s time to turn the bachelor’s pad into a love nest.

Episode 6 – When Country Girl Meets City Boy

Styles collide with a country girl and a city boy.

Episode 7 – Recreation Vs. Relaxation

He wants a patio for play and she wants a patio to relax.

Episode 8 – Harmonious Living Room

A couple unites their styles in living room harmony.

Episode 9 – Lively Dining Room

Two people with two rooms want one cohesive style.

Episode 10 – Earthy Meets Edgy

It’s a design disaster in one couple’s living room.

Episode 11 – Rustic Guest Room

Two very different women want a style they’ll both love.

Episode 12 – Delectable Dining Room

A couple hungers for a new dining room design.

Episode 13 – Worldly Family Room

A family room gets an update.

Episode 14 – Winter Wonderland

A holiday-style room is at the top of a couple’s wish-list.