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Fixing and renovating a space can be a huge undertaking for the average homeowner, whether it’s rebuilding after a tragedy or tackling a renovation that has gotten out of hand. Throw in a looming deadline and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

When the clock is ticking and the deadline is real, it’s time to call in the DRILL TEAM. As the dust flies our team – carpenters Jeff Devlin and Brandon Russell and designer Lauren Makk – work their magic to turn disaster into design.

The pressure is on as they tackle everything from demo and construction to painting and decorating, battling against the clock before guests arrives for the big event. With hard work, smart design and a little luck, the Drill Team will transform unbearable situations into unbelievable realities.

Pilot – (Richie & Nicole)

Richie and Nicole love their Jersey shore house. Every summer, their family and friends meet there to reconnect and vacation from their busy lives in the Philadelphia suburbs. Problem is, a pipe burst and flooded the whole house from the top floor down to the basement! Richie’s hectic work schedule and Nicole’s hesitation to bring their small son to this flooded and gutted danger zone have prevented them from working on it. Now, time is running out before the annual family gathering that so many count on. The Drill Team is ready to swoop in and not only help make the house completely “company ready” but make it even better and more functional than it was before! ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 1 – (John & Kirsten)

It was love at first sight for John and Kirsten when they saw this historic home on their daily walks, built in 1902. When the opportunity came to buy it, they only needed to know where to sign. After moving in, the peeling, exterior lead paint needed to be replaced. No big deal, right? Except when the painters left the windows open to “hear the radio” while they were dry sanding, dry scraping and burning lead paint off of the exterior, they severely contaminated the entire interior! Now, the Youngs have a wedding reception/anniversary party coming up for John’s sister who helped them greatly while their home was uninhabitable for 16 months during the lead clean-up. Can the 2nd floor apartment be converted to a master bedroom suite in time? ** There is product placement in this program

Episode 2 – (Scott & Martina)

Boy buys townhouse. Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. But, what about baby? That’s what Scott and Martina are asking when they look around their townhouse, knowing that their first child is on the way. Now seeing their digs in a new light, the pressure is on to transform this former bachelor pad into a child friendly space. And doing it in time so that Martina and their new baby aren’t forced to find a temporary home while construction is being completed. Not only does the home desperately need a nursery, but also a whole new bathroom with a bathtub to bathe the baby. Brandon, Jeff and Lauren are ready to help Scott and Martina get the house ready for their newborn baby girl before she grows out of baths in the sink. ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 3 – (Jerry & Sherri)

Jerry and Sherri thought they bought a home with a finished basement. After a three day torrential rainstorm, the couple noticed some mystery mold growing up the walls. Tearing out the paneling not only revealed previous, unresolved water damage disguised as a finished basement, but a sump pump that doesn’t work, a DIY waterproofing system and novice electrical work. Now, the mold is affecting Sherri’s health! Jerry hopes to surprise Sherri for her birthday with this much needed renovation upon her return from a visit with her mother. How exciting would it be if Sherri could celebrate her birthday in their amazing, brand new basement? ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 4 – (Edd & Lori)

Imagine it. You spend six months painstakingly renovating your “dream home.” The mental, physical and financial exhaustion can now take a back seat because it’s time to finally relax and celebrate the finished product on a well-deserved vacation! Then, the unthinkable happens, the phone call no one ever thinks they’ll receive: “THE HOUSE BURNED DOWN.” Pardon me? After a faulty fireplace went haywire, all Edd and Lori had to their names were the clothes on their backs and what was in their luggage. Now, after struggling to rebuild their house, they’re about to run out of their temporary housing situation and their home is nowhere near complete! Can Jeff, Brandon and Lauren help them secure a Certificate of Occupancy in time by building a new kitchen, dining room and living room? Or, will Edd and Lori be homeless before their home can be rebuilt? ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 5 – (Brian & Dawn)

What happens when a brutal winter is combined with a sun room that looks like it has definitely seen its last summer? Dawn and Brian’s uncomfortable, water-damaged sunroom feels more like a carport with walls and not the place for welcoming the warmer seasons or guests for that matter! Quick cover-up methods by the previous homeowner left them with rot, rust, cracks, holes, shady patch-up jobs, mismatched paint, ripped screens, a disheveled brick wall, a stone pathway leading to nowhere and a naked concrete slab in the middle of their otherwise spacious backyard. Furthermore, Dawn is supposed to throw her twin sister an amazing engagement party! The invitations have already been sent out and with 6 weeks before the party, can Brandon, Jeff and Lauren help them get this mind-boggling eyesore ready for entertaining? ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 6 – ( Ryan & Sue)

No one expects to return from their tropical vacation to find the tropics inside their home?in the basement, no less. That’s what happened to Ryan and Sue when they walked in and heard a curious sound coming from the basement. They stepped right into 6 inches of water throughout and a broken pipe spewing water everywhere. Stored clothes, Sue’s wedding dress, a new pool table and brand new Brazilian hardwoods that were stacked in the basement awaiting installation upstairs were just a few of the items that were ruined. Their basement needs to be recreated from scratch! And as their bad luck would have it, Ryan and Sue have already invited about 20-30 of their college friends to have a reunion at their home! Flights have already been booked and no one knows about the flood! Can this formerly finished basement be transformed in time to be just a funny story for old friends and not a dangerous, damp dungeon? ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 7 – (Marc & Chrissy)

Marc and Chrissy weren’t looking for a pool when they began house hunting, but one happened to come attached to the home they fell in love with. And so did an unfinished, dilapidated pool house that they now refer to as “the shack!” After an empty promise from a contractor who committed to fix the pool house after they moved in fell through, Marc and Chrissy assumed that entertaining outside would forever be a distant dream. With the piles of dark sludge in the pool and the unsafe condition of the pool house, it was easier to close the curtains and not look outside. Nevertheless, they are committed to hosting a high school graduation party for Chrissy’s cousin! ** There is product placement in this program.

Episode 8 – (Christine)

Christine is a busy single mom with three children. When she moved them into a 1940’s home, she knew it would need some updating and that the kitchen would need to be the first big project. Right now, it’s more like a back drop for a construction zone with hospital lighting rather than the back drop for a posh prom party. Drill Team to the rescue! ** There is product placement in this program.