Deco Wall Hanger

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 The Get it Done team are looking at ways to fill empty spaces in the garden. They come up with a decorative hanger that can be hung from a tree or a wall. Let them inspire you to do the same if you would like to spruce up your garden.  

You will need:

Tools Materials
Jigsaw 18mm Ply wood (we can use what you have in the workshop)
Router Back slats – cut to size +/- 100 mm wide x 1200mm – 12 pieces
PEX 300 sander (New one) 20mm Pine (we can use what you have in the workshop)
PSR 18 cordless drill driver Circles – 5 (200-250mm)
PSR 1080 Cordless drill driver (New one) Back slats – cleats 40/50mm wide x 1200 – 3 0f
PFS 3000 Spray gun (new gun – get from Ninet) butterfly/watering can – 6-9mm ply wood (you have already)
Circular saw 3mm ply wood 300 x 300 – 2 pieces.
PSA Sabre saw plus pallet cutting blade paint tinters (different colours)
PKS 16mm circular saw (new one) Clear varnish
PKT staple gun with nails 4 x 40mm screws
Hot melt glue gun (order from Ninet) water proof glue
Uneo rotary hammer drill plus 8mm drill bit nail in anchors 8 x 100/120mm
  dark brown paint

Here are the steps:

  1. Cut pallets up (if no pallets we will cut plywood slats)
  2. Router edges
  3. Stain different slats
  4. Attach slats to back supports
  5. Cut out circles
  6. Draw tree lines
  7. Rout out negative of tree lines on 1 circle
  8. Rout out positive on two circles
  9. Cut out tree shape for last two circles
  10. Paint tree lines with dark brown paint.
  11. Attach circles to backing board
  12. Make butterfly and attach to board
  13. Make watering can and attach
  14. Spray with clear coat and hang on the wall

Download the plan:

Deco Wall Hanger – PDF plan download