Deck Wars

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Two teams. Two days. Two decks. One winner. DECK WARS is a competition series to see who can build the best deck in an unbelievably restricted amount of time.

DECK WARS takes place in a large, empty warehouse which acts as a blank canvas for our competitors. The competition will cover two days of jam-packed work. In that time, the teams will have to design, build, tweak and polish their projects. The prize? A huge trophy, plus victory itself! It’s good, old-fashioned testosterone-fuelled pride.

Host Paul Lafrance (Decked Out) is bringing along his cast of characters from the show. Joey and Dave will serve as assistants/advisors/experts to Team One. Pat and Kate will serve the same function for Team Two. Through in-fighting, sabotage, unique design, trash talking and stellar craftsmanship, a winner will be determined by the end of each episode.


We’ve got Greg and Rob going against Ryan and Graham.  These two teams are facing the same challenge – build a deck that incorporates a magnificent hot tub and do it fast.  Two days fast.  Helping out Greg and Rob will be Decked Out’s very own Dave and Kate.  Pat and Joey will be helping out Ryan and Graham.  Paul Lafrance is the master of the domain – and will be joined for the judging by Disaster DIY’s Bryan Baeumler and Holmes Inspection’s Damon Bennett.

Episode 2 – THE BAR DECK WAR

Jeff and Brian are a big-boy brother team that’s looking to take down their opponents: Jerry and Doug.  This Deck War is all about the bar.  Make it big.  Make it awesome.  Make it quick.  Just two days.  Helping out Jeff and Brian are Decked Out’s Dave and Kate.  Helping out Jerry and Doug are Pat and Joey.  Paul Lafrance rules the roost and is joined by Builder Boss’ Jim Caruk and Income Property’s Scott McGillivray to decide the winner. 


Mitch and Adam are going against Rob and Chris to see who can build the best deck in just two days – and they must build a structure that provides shade from the sun.  That’s what this one is all about – shade, baby.  Made.  In.  The.  Shade.  Dave and Pat, from Decked Out of course, will be working with Mitch and Adam.  Kate and Joey are helping out Chris and Rob.  Paul Lafrance is the man in charge.  And helping him judge are Disaster DIY’s Bryan Baeumler and Holmes Inspection’s Damon Bennett.

Episode 4 – THE KIDS’ DECK WAR

What do you build when you design a deck for kids?  How about a pirate ship?  How about a castle?  Perfect.  This episode sees Ted and Steve going against Luke and Greg to establish deck supremacy.  Two days.  Two teams.  Helping out Ted and Steve will be Decked Out’s Pat and Dave.  Helping out Greg and Luke will be Kate and Joey.  Paul Lafrance is the man in charge – and he’ll be helped out by Builder Boss’ Jim Caruk and Holmes Inspection’s Damon Bennet to decide the fairy tale ending.