Curved Coffee Table

In this week’s episode of GID, Peter and Annalien builds a coffee table with curves in all the right places…

You will need:



Cordless Jigsaw Meranti 20mm (PAR) – wide laminate joints
POF Router Top 500mm x 1000 mm – 1 piece
18 Volt Cordless drill driver Bottom 680 mm x 400 mm – 1 piece
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver Legs 200 x 450mm – 8 pieces
Pex sander Skirting 50mm x 940 mm – 4 pieces
PFS 2000 spray gun Glass 5-6mm thick 250mm x 710 mm (sharp edges sanded off)
PCM compound mitre Small/medium Z brackets to fasten table top – 10 pieces
wood glue
Clear varnish 1ltr – could be swopped for Teak oil.
4 x 40mm wood screws
wood filler – meranti

Follow these steps:

  • Mark out pilot holes in skirting
  • Router Z bracket grooves in skirting
  • Assemble skirting
  • Cut Design shape into leg and transfer this to the other legs
  • Sand all legs to the same shape
  • Assemble legs to the skirting and bottom base
  • Attach feet to the bottom base
  • Cut hole in top for the glass
  • Router recess for glass
  • Sand and varnish/oil all parts
  • Attach top to skirting
  • Insert glass


Download the PDF document:

>> PDF Download Meranti Coffee Table