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You’ve just bought your dream home and guess what? Your current home is worth way less than you think! You must now dig deeper into your pockets to prepare it to sell for what you thought it was worth. You need help making the right decisions, and fast!

Critical Listing comes to the rescue with hand picked projects and ideas that help you sell your home for top dollar. Watch the Critical Listing team turn a homeowner’s small investment into upwards of $100,000 added value. Budget isn’t the only challenge; these homes must also sell as soon as possible. Can we do it?

Property expert Lisa Colalillo, interior and exterior pros Jo Alcorn and Carson Arthur know they can! They choose projects that will make the most impact on buyers once the “for sale” sign goes up.  However, as with any home renovation large or small they often find more to fix than meets the eye. And this means coming up with last minute solutions at a time when money’s running out!

In spite of the challenges Critical Listing’s not all about work. Jo and Carson share a friendly rivalry as they grapple with their piece of the homeowners’ small budget. Lisa keeps them on track, but is also quick to join in on the fun with her infectious laughter. That is until she reassesses the home and we learn it can be sold for the price the owners need to seal the deal on their new home!

Episode 1 – Kim and David’s Critical Listing

Kim and David jumped at the chance to buy their dream home – a bungalow in the suburbs with fewer stairs and a coveted pool. Now they’ve got to renovate and offload their downtown Victorian asap to avoid paying two mortgages. Lisa Colalillo, our real estate expert, must strategize their $15,000 reno budget into five times that amount of return. Interior expert Jo Alcorn targets the splintery stairs and lack of a master bathroom, while landscape pro Carson Arthur tackles lackluster curb appeal.

Episode 2 – Tracey and Steve’s Critical Listing

With tons of scrimping and saving Tracey and Steve have focused on building their new home from the ground up. Only now have they set their sights on selling their current house, which hasn’t been touched in 22 years. Real estate expert Lisa Colalillo must navigate their $20,000 reno investment into a $100,000 return so they can sell and get into their dream nest. Of this amount interior expert Jo Alcorn must squeeze a kitchen and master bedroom renovation, and landscape expert Carson Arthur needs to pump update the exterior.

Episode 3 – Lia and Chris’ Critical Listing

New parents Lia and Chris have scored on a family home in the suburbs, a huge place with tennis courts, pool and even a Jacuzzi! Their dream will go sour if they can’t sell their city home, because they’ll end up on the hook for two mortgages. Real estate agent Lisa Colalillo, interior and exterior experts Jo Alcorn and Carson Arthur have only $20,000 to build out an entire basement and add the kid of curb appeal buyers call for in this downtown neighborhood. And this $20,000 must add upwards of $200,000 to the home’s value!

Episode 4 –  Trisha and Andre’s Critical Listing

Trisha and Andre finally got it right – they purchased their dream home in a family-friendly neighborhood. To seal the financial deal they must convert their current home so as to make it attractive to investors seeking out student rental housing. Real estate agent Lisa Colalillo targets their $15,000 budget to make a play on investors as buyers and increase their home’s value by $75,000. Interior expert Jo Alcorn adds more

bedrooms and common study areas, while landscape expert Carson Arthur turns the back yard into major chill space.

Episode 5 –  Michelle and Mark’s Critical Listing

Newlyweds Michelle and Mark want to combine households – that means selling his home and using the money to upgrade her home for their new blended family. But Mark’s bungalow isn’t up to snuff – time is tight and money is even tighter.  Real estate agent Lisa Colalillo turns a $25,000 investment into four times that amount with the help of interior expert Jo Alcorn’s kitchen update and a complete front yard transformation by landscape expert Carson Arthur.

Episode 6 –  Andrew’s Critical Listing

Andrew bought his urban townhouse off plans. While waiting for it to be built Andrew dabbled in the real estate market, buying a fixer upper. Time’s up – his new townhouse is ready to move in, while his fixer upper, despite best intentions, is nowhere near done.  Real estate agent Lisa Colalillo squeezes Andrew’s $23,000 budget hard to finish all outstanding reno projects.  Interior expert Jo Alcorn’s got an open concept kitchen and living area to tackle, while landscape expert Carson Arthur makes sense of the whacked out backyard.