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Every neighbourhood has one — that local hero who makes life a little easier for everyone around him or her. Now is America’s chance to celebrate neighbourhood heroes in a BIG way. Each week, HGTV’s cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, give one hero the surprise of a lifetime. First, we send him or her away for a weekend. Once they are gone, the cousins descend on the neighbourhood with huge trucks and hulking teams of renovators to tackle a home overhaul customised exactly to the hero. Finally, the cousins and the neighbourhood band together to reveal our hero’s house, transformed inside and out.

Episode 1

The Cousins collaborate with Ellen Degeneres to surprise new mom Elizabeth Brehm with a full home renovation. They rely on enthusiastic help from the whole neighbourhood and the family and friends who love Elizabeth and want to roll up their sleeves.

Episode 2

While eleven-year-old Johnny Volpe is away for three days on a beach trip, the Cousins go undercover and join together with the entire community who loves and appreciates him to give Johnny and his family a major renovation.

Episode 3

While Earl Hart’s out of town with his wife and sons for three days, he has no idea that the Cousins will recruit his middle school students, along with Earl’s family, friends and neighbors, to completely renovate the entire first floor of his home.

Episode 4

When Tania Liddy leaves town for three days to help her sister move, what she doesn’t know is that the Cousins will descend upon her home to completely renovate her kitchen, living room and backyard.

Episode 5

Bob Keenan has no idea that as soon as he leaves for a three-day weekend away, volunteers from all areas of his life will join forces with the Cousins to create an amazing renovation for this incredibly deserving person.

Episode 6

With Mike and his family at the beach for just three days, the Cousins go undercover with the help of his fellow public servants to renovate his huge basement and backyard, both blank canvases with great potential.

Episode 7

Anthony and John have already begun an undercover overhaul of their home and recruited the entire town to help the Wendl family