Corrugated Planter

This project brings interest to what could be described as a standard square planter. The wood and corrugated metal sheeting compliment each other. Experiment with different paint techniques. We used a steel wool – vinegar mixture to age the wood.

You will need:

Tools Materials
Cordless Jigsaw Plywood 18mm
POF Router Back panel 500 x 1000mm – 1 piece
18 Volt Cordless drill driver Bottom panel 500 x 500 mm – 1 piece
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver Front panel 500 x 400 mm – 1 piece  grain in long direction
Pex sander Side panels 480 x 400 mm – 2 pieces grain in long direction
PWS angle grinder with skinny disc and flap disc Metal  (braai grid – not stainless) 480 x 380mm – 1 piece
PFS 200 spray gun Corrugated roof sheet 1 mtr – 1 piece
decking screws 4 x 40mm
spray paint for expanded metal – metallic grey or similar – 1 tin
1 bottle brown vinegar
1 packet fine steel wool
waterproof wood glue
plastic drop sheet to line plant holder – 1 piece
polystyrene pieces to fill excess space in pot holder
potting soil – 2 bags
1 x plant to put in planter
small pots to hang on expanded metal – Annalien project


Follow these steps

Prepare tea bag stain first – Simply place steel wool in a container and soak in white vinegar (at least 10hours). Soak tea bag in a container filled with water. Once the project is completed, you will paint the wood with the tea, followed by the steel wool – vinegar mixture.

  1. Mark out where the bottom, sides and backing join together
  2. Drill pilot holes
  3. Cut out holes for corrugated iron
  4. Router recess for metal inlay
  5. Router the outer edges round
  6. Assemble pot and backing
  7. Cut out and attach feet
  8. Drill holes for drainage in the bottom of the planter
  9. Sand and varnish
  10. Cut roof sheet to size using metal scissors or grinder, and install.
  11. Cut plastic and tack into the planter box. This is to keep the soil in place.
  12. Install metal mesh onto backing board using screws (and spacers)
  13. Fill pot holder with polystyrene to save on potting soil (plants only use the top 15-30cm).
  14. Add some potting soil
  15. Add in plant and fill the rest with soil


Download the PDF layout

Click here for the Corrugated Planter PDF Download