Cooler Box Table

Cooler boxes come in different shapes and sizes, but to incorporate one into a table is a nifty way to bring style to your entertainment area!


PCM compound mitre saw Pine PAR 20mm
PSR 18 Cordless drill Legs 70mm x  850mm – 4 pieces
PEX 300 Eccentric sander Legs 50mm x 850mm – 4 pieces
POF router Lid sides 30mm x 450mm – 4 pieces
PFS2000 spray gun 20mm pine cleats 1mtr – 3 pieces
PST 18 Jigsaw Ply wood 18mm – good quality
PSR 10.8 cordless drill driver Top 950 mm x 400mm -1 piece (grain in long direction)
PTK 14 plus 11-14mm nails front and back 900 mm x 310 mm – 2 pieces (grain in long direction)
  Sides plus divider 310 mm x 310 – 3 pieces
  Bottom 900 mm x 346mm – 1 piece
  Ply wood +/- 6mm
  lid top (& décor inserts) 450mm x 350mm – 4 pieces  (cut to size on set)
  wood glue
water based varnish – Indonesian teak/imbuia/dark mahogany – 1 ltr
Window clips flush mount – 25 pieces
4 x 40mm screws
4 x 30mm screws
flush mount hinges – for 20mm wood 3 pieces
double sided tape


  • Measure out cooler box
  • Measure out and cut cleats
  • Top – cut out hole for cooler-box and attach cleats
  • Front panel – cut out and router holes. 1 for shelf and other for décor panel
  • Side panels – cut out and router holes for décor panels
  • Mark and drill pilot holes on the bottom
  • Assemble sides and top
  • Insert divider
  • Attach bottom
  • Assemble legs and attach to the box
  • Make the lid to fit the cooler box lid.
  • Cut the cutting board to size and attach cleats onto top
  • Make the tray (to catch bottle tops) and attach to outside
  • Sand and varnish caddy
  • Oil the chopping board
  • Insert the décor panels
  • Attach lid
  • Insert cooler box

PDF Download

> Click here to download the Coolerbox caddy PDF