Colin and Justin’s Home Heist

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Hang onto your knickers because Britain’s most outrageous decorating duo are back! Offering more drama and excitement than ever, Colin & Justin’s Home Heist is determined to overhaul Canada’s tackiest interiors and bring good taste and design to all.

Join makeover mavens Colin and Justin as they steal a house that’s been spoiled by hideous interior design, and put the tasteless owners under house arrest until they atone for their design sins by redecorating to Colin and Justin’s new design. From boring bedrooms and calamitous kitchens, to delinquent dens and dreary dining rooms, Colin and Justin seek out the worst infractions, and then they strike! While still reeling from the ambush pertinent homeowners are forced to undo their style crimes under supervision from the experts.

Episode 14 – Retro Wreckage

A funky couple with a serious penchant for vintage, Wes and Mel’s wretchedly retro home is a disaster. Colin and Justin undertake a ‘modern retro’ makeover of Wes and Mel and their home.

Episode 15 – Arriverderci Style

An Italian mamma with a huge personality, Teresa is gaga for gaudy. And every inch of her hideous, multi-level suburban home is filled with clutter. Until Colin and Justin revamps and remodels.

Episode 16 – Design No Show

Hilary and Colin are a spirited, energetic couple, but their home suffers from a major identity crisis. After an ambush on Toronto Island, Colin and Justin promise to bring the couple up to date.

Episode 17 – Holy Smokes

Church minister John loves everything traditional, his partner Bill is all about modern, and their cluttered home is caught somewhere in the middle. Colin and Justin promise to find balance.

Episode 18 – Bad Taste Blizzard

A hard-working single mother, Katherine’s messy and kid-centric home is full of clutter and collectibles. Colin and Justin vow to modernize Katherine’s life and her home.

Episode 19 – Colour Me Crazy

Sadly, it’s always Christmas at Tyron and Dianne’s suburban home. The exterior is forever strung with lights until Colin and Justin work their magic.

Episode 20 – Style Down the Drain

Single-mom Laurie is stuck in the past, and so is the eerie, oddball house she shares with her three kids.  With a mishmash of colors and styles but Colin and Justin barge in in the nick of time.

Episode 21 – Faux-Getaboutit

Home fashion-victims Marianne and Daryl have thrown together pieces from every era. With cracking yellow walls Colin and Justin intervene.

Episode 22 – Impulsive Repulsive

Paul and Lisa’s dark home could double as an inner-city mole hole. Colin and Justin vow to transform the couple’s cave-house into a family-friendly, country-style manor oozing with elegance.

Episode 23 – Lost in Space

In the Cohen family’s spacious but boring home, there’s plenty of room but a severe shortage of style. Colin and Justin unveil their plan to ditch the kitsch, and bring in the glamour.

Episode 24 – No Style, All Tile

The Fernandez family is young and upbeat. But their gloomy, Italian-style dream home is bringing them down. Colin and Justin vow to transform the family’s home from all tiles to all style.

Episode 25 – Design by Committee

The affable Pratts admit they haven’t got a clue about design and their style-free suburban home is proof. Colin and Justin vow to transform the home into a paragon of design virtue.

Episode 26 – When Mom Doesn’t Know Best

Wayne and Anna are a regular, hockey-loving couple, but their hideous home is a suburban, country-themed calamity. Colin and Justin promise to transform the home.