Coffee Table


Material List:

Material list

Power tools

20mm pine (planed all round)

PST 18 Cordless jig saw

400 mm x 200 mm – 8 pieces

PSR 18 VLI Cordless drill driver

360 mm x 200 mm – 8 pieces

PSR 10.8 volt cordless drill driver

20mm x 20mm x 1500 cleats – 4

Pex 220 sander

20mm meranti (planed all round)

Router (we can decide Dremel or Bosch)

360mm x 90mm – 16 pieces

PFS spray gun

50 mm x 60mm x 400 mm pine (70 x 50 can also work) – 8 pieces


4 x 40 mm screws


4 x 30 mm screws


wood glue


water based clear varnish x 2 ltr


wood filler pine and meranti (get new fresh ones)


Here are the steps

  1. Make the frame.
  • Draw out and drill pilot holes where the four sides join together.
  • Attach four sides together
  • Attach cleats to inside of frame
  • Attach top to the cleats inside frame.
  • Repeat for other three cubes
  1. Attach all four cubes together
  2. Attach legs to the four corners
  3. Fill holes, sand and varnish